Monday, April 7, 2014

5 Little Grins Link Up [Week 26]

The giveaway winner is Tandi V! Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway! We will be having another one in May!! 

5 Little Grins


We'll go ahead and say it: Most people think Mondays suck / are the worst / should die a fire-y death. I'm sure you get the picture.

We've all had our fair share of bad Mondays and bad Tuesdays and just plain ol' bad days. Instead of focusing on the bad, what if we focused on the good things?

What if we focused on the little things that made us smile today, yesterday, last week? Could our whole attitude change? In time, would we find that we're having more good days than bad?

Cassandra, Paulina and I would love for you to join us on our weekly link up counting at least 5 things that made you smile in the last week. We could start our Mondays on this positive note!

Of course, this is all about encouragement, so hop on over to some other blogs and leave a positive note and make a new friend!
The Rules! (These are really just kind suggestions)

1. Follow your hosts: Cassandra, Raewyn, and Paulina!

2. Link up your post that includes 5-ish things that made you smile in the past week

3. Comment after you link up

4. Go visit some other blogs and make some friends!

5. Have fun, and don't forget to smile!!

Oh my gatos, this week!! 

It was a little bit of a rollercoaster with a few panic attacks, but what can be expected when we're two weeks away from our wedding...

1. My heart is filled with so much love and gratitude!!! We have received so many amazing and wonderful gifts so far, words cannot express how grateful we are. In fact, one gift made me cry at lunch yesterday and the other gift made me cry when I was getting ready this morning! [thanks momma!!] 

I'm not the most beautiful of criers; Iman snapped this at lunch yesterday 

2. Iman and I had a crazy adventure yesterday getting stuff for our honeymoon - luggage and the like. We speckled it with some brewery visits to make it way more fun.

Tustin Brewing Co.

Got these sunnies from Brickyard Buffalo

Trying to tan my legs for the wedding :) 

3. My cousin Gregory's birthday was on Saturday and it's always a rough day for me. He would have been 17 this year. Instead of feeling sad, I was determined to be happy and had a lot of fun doing wedding crafts.

Ribbon Wands! 

My motivation behind every day!! 

4. Jess from Jess Loves This Life and I are planning something amazing for June and I am just too excited! 

5. On Wednesday I had dinner with two of my best friends from high school and it was so much fun to catch up! 

 photo name.jpg

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  1. you're too cute! :) yay honeymoon prep!:)

  2. Sounds like overall it was a pretty good week! Wedding crafts sound fun and the ribbon wands look super cute. That's totally how I sit when we're waiting to pick Katie up from school actually hahaha

  3. Omg you're two weeks out from your wedding! That's crazy, it's so fast! I feel like I've missed so much/haven't talked to you in forever. TWO WEEKS! Omg, crazyyyyy.

    Hiiiiiiiii! :)

  4. HI!!!! It has been forever! I hope your life has been wonderful and you've been doing a lot of living in the moment!!

    I am so excited our wedding is so close! AH!

  5. haha, I am so happy I'm not the only weirdo with her legs stretched out the window :P

    and thank youu! The wands were fun / easy to make! They'd be cool to wave at a dance recital :P

  6. I have, and I hope you have too!! I've been trying to re-enter blogland and catch up with everyone & their blogs. It's been crazy but a little at a time :)

    How has everything been?!!

  7. Everything has been wonderful! I mean, of course there are the crazy things that happen but overall we are just filled with so much excitement and gratitude!!

    I totally know how hard it is to keep up in blogland! I'm behind on my reading and I think it will only get worse. I am so excited to see you back, though!

  8. How sweet! I love the idea you and Jess have by the way. Lets see if I have the dollar bills!

  9. How fun to get thoughtful gifts for your wedding!

  10. yes!! Thank you for stopping by :)

  11. way to tell me you found the sunglasses....jk

  12. Actually, the little kids get them some times. They get all the fun though- wand AND fairy/butterfly/whatever wings! :( lol


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