Thursday, April 10, 2014

#WellBoxed Recap

I've decided to take a break from the #dogood52ways challenge until after the honeymoon! I will definitely still be doing good [and so should you!] but it might be difficult to keep updating everyone on my progress. I would still love to see your do goods on Instagram! I'm going to try to have some wonderful do goods in Europe. Wouldn't that be so fun? 

This past week our challenge was to have another dinner without our cell phones! Did you succeed? 

I did! In part, my cell phone died while we were at dinner. But I was consciously using it less when I did have it with me, too. I've been doing a lot of that lately. Letting go and being in the moment. It is wonderful!! 

I also wanted to tell you all about the #WellBoxed event I went to at the end of March. It was hosted by Bloggers Give Back - my new favorite organization - and a wonderful way for us OC bloggers to get together and do some good!! 

#WellBoxed was an event where a bunch of bloggers from SoCal [and at another event in AZ] got together to enjoy pizza and wine while boxing up a care package for someone in the military. 

The provided us with supplies for decorating our boxes. I brought in a lot of stamps that say "thank you" :) 

I chose to send my box to a girl in the Navy, on a ship, who was on her first trip out. We used, so the box was sent to one girl who dispersed it to multiple girls in her group. In my case, there were 5 girls. I included toiletries, WQ bracelets, and a lot of essentials. I did not put any food in there because I did not want the chemicals to contaminate it. I also included a journal. 

Here are some of the boxes lined up :) 

The truth behind blogger meetups. #NoSuchThingAsTooManyPictures

Here we all are after we finished up!! I am so grateful to these ladies [and Monja] for their companionship!! Pictures taken from Melyssa at The Nectar Collective because I didn't get one from us all! 

Now, meet one of my April sponsors, Christine from Life With a Side of Coffee. She was one of the first bloggers I chose to pay to sponsor, and I have had such a blast getting to know her better. 

If you were going on a European vacation, what is your must-see city and why?

Life With A Side Of Coffee
If I went on a European vacation I would have to see a whole lot more than one city, that's for sure. I want to travel all over that continent at some point. I would love to go to Italy. If I had to choose one city I think I would pick Portofino. It's so beautiful there and it's all I've been thinking about lately. Just escaping and never coming back to real life. Maybe one day I'll get there and in the meantime I can explore the rest of the country.

What is your favorite way to volunteer in the Spring?
I used to love going to rescue shelters and playing with the dogs that don't have homes. It would be so hard for me to leave them. I just want to take them all home!

Do you have any spring time traditions? What are they?

I have no spring traditions unless you count going shopping for some warm-weather clothes. Unfortunately, we've had one day above 50 degrees here in Chicago so it's still cold-weather clothes for us. One day I'll be able to dust off my spring dresses.
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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. I love the girls camera's in this post. I so want a bigger lens for mine :D

  2. This is amazing! I love that you did something special for those in our military. So near and dear to me :)

  3. looks like you had a lovely time! Sad I missed it but glad you all had fun!

  4. It was awesome! I was sad you weren't there though :(

  5. Love that melyssa brought her dog. You know when I visit Palmer is coming right?


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