Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WW: Stay Calm and Organized

This is a rather informal post. Not that any of my posts are formal, but I usually have an idea of what I'm writing before I write it.

Today is a different sort of day. My brain should be absolutely consumed with wedding things. For the most part it is, but I am most definitely not consumed with nerves. I am completely calm and at peace!

I should preface with this fact: I have an anxiety disorder and will freak out hardcore until the moment of crisis arrives. Whatever moment I have been waiting for, will be met with calm enthusiasm! I get less nervous as time gets closer to the wedding.

Since not everyone is a weirdo like me, I wanted to share with you my top ways of handling wedding anxiety. I have had a fair share of panic attacks, but I know I could have had many more if I did not follow these three simple steps!

1. Take care of yourself

The first and most important task is to remember to breathe – not just to remain calm but to take those deep breaths and breathe. Through wedding planning, I’ve discovered a love for yoga. It balances me back to calm and productivity. I also recommend cardio workouts – your choice! I prefer to dance. Those cardio workouts are going to release endorphins; relieve your stress; and [bonus!] get your body in wedding shape!

2. Organize

I recommend staying on top of your organization. I did spend a lot of time feeling overwhelmed by both my budget and my to do list. I also spent a lot of time avoiding it all – which was acceptable with a long engagement. Now that I’m in the nitty gritty stage, these are my tried and true ways of staying organized.

Make small weekly to-do lists. That will keep the overwhelming feeling at bay. Give yourself 5-7 tasks a week. Make as many to do lists as your heart desires! Sometimes the act of making a to do list calms my anxiety. So I’ll keep making them, over and over again until I am ready to tackle the challenges. It might sound silly, but that act of focusing your tasks and writing it, also calms your anxiety about what you have to do.

I also would designate a space for all things wedding related in your home. Have an area where your DIY projects and the products you by pre-wedding are safe. Buy as many things as you know you can afford as early as possible. Once you decide on something you want for your wedding – if you know you can afford it, buy it. Checking those items off the list can leave you feeling more at ease than looking at a list with all of the purchases you still have to make.

3. Include others in your joys, and your stress

Let me clarify – this point does not mean TAKE OUT YOUR STRESS ON THOSE AROUND YOU. It means to include them in it. Vent to them. Ask advice from those you trust. Delegate tasks to those willing to help. These will all keep your stress level down. If you take your stress out on others, you’re going to feel more stressed by the drama it causes. Relish in the little joys with your bridesmaids. Did you pick out your cake topper? Send them a picture and squeal over how excited you are. Those moments are going to be the moments to hold onto, and the moments to remember when you’re feeling stressed.

I definitely think you should have girl dates with your bridesmaids where you don’t talk about the wedding! Keep it off limits so that you can keep your friendships going strong. I know it is a very hard task – someone will inevitably bring up the wedding because you’re all so excited! But just answer briefly, and move on and talk about what’s new in their life. This wedding is the most important day to you and they are there to support you, but you have to remember that you are there to support their lives, too.

Now that the wedding is 17 days away...

I'm looking at my mess of a room sort of worried, but mostly calm. We have people staying at our house during the wedding, so I know things are going to be chaotic. Luckily, I delegated all getting ready plans to a bridesmaid. She is making the appointments for our nails, spray tans, hair, etc. I just have to show up.

To tackle all of the things we will need at the various locations, I'm heading to Target for some bins.

1. For the Bride's Hotel Room
2. For the Groom's Hotel Room
3. Table Centerpieces
4. Venue Misc. (favors, ribbons for waving, place cards, etc)

Each box will have a checklist of what needs to be INSIDE that box. I've decided to be nice enough to share that with you NEXT week, since I'm in the midst of making it :)

One last piece of advice from my aunt: "We had over 100 people show up at our wedding that weren't invited. They said 'Oh, we thought our invite just got lost in the mail!' They stood in the corner, and ate the leftovers that others didn't eat. That's the consequence of not letting the bride know you're attending." - Aunt Nik

[this was in response to my annoyance at a few people who still have not responded or answered calls]

Happy Wedding Planning!
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  1. Oh no.. 100 people showed up..!! I don't want one extra person to show up..! What is there to do with things like that..!! I haven't even started my planning yet.. I'm still stuck on big wedding or intimate..!? Ahhhhhh.! Decisions!

  2. hahaha, I definitely don't want any extras to show up, but I guess it is something you just roll with!!

    We made a list of our priorities vs big wedding or intimate. It will be as intimate as it can be, but for me, having all of my family around me is most important on that big day!!

    Your decisions will get easier!

  3. 100 people?!?!?! No way!!!! That's insane! I would seriously flip out lol!

  4. ditto!! Then again, knowing our family it would have been very likely. lol. Luckily, I don't know any of my second cousins like they did


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