Monday, March 31, 2014

5 Little Grins Link Up [Week 25]

5 Little Grins


We'll go ahead and say it: Most people think Mondays suck / are the worst / should die a fire-y death. I'm sure you get the picture.

We've all had our fair share of bad Mondays and bad Tuesdays and just plain ol' bad days. Instead of focusing on the bad, what if we focused on the good things?

What if we focused on the little things that made us smile today, yesterday, last week? Could our whole attitude change? In time, would we find that we're having more good days than bad?

Cassandra, Paulina and I would love for you to join us on our weekly link up counting at least 5 things that made you smile in the last week. We could start our Mondays on this positive note!

Of course, this is all about encouragement, so hop on over to some other blogs and leave a positive note and make a new friend!
The Rules! (These are really just kind suggestions)

1. Follow your hosts: Cassandra, Raewyn, and Paulina!

2. Link up your post that includes 5-ish things that made you smile in the past week

3. Comment after you link up

4. Go visit some other blogs and make some friends!

5. Have fun, and don't forget to smile!!

This week's been an interesting one. My main goal has been to not be stressed with the wedding so close. I've sort of succeeded... :)

1. I got to spend a lot of QT with Iman's Persian family this weekend. That made me so happy! He doesn't see them very often [though we are changing that]. One cousin was home for Spring Break and I went and got drinks with her on Friday. (oops, we told Iman, we were getting coffee). Then we went out with her and her brother and other cousins Saturday night! Plus we saw some other Persian family members before they go back to Iran. 

Have you ever had Persian food? The crunchy rice is so good we fight over it

2. The OC Bloggers Give Back event was AMAZING. I just love getting to know those girls better, and we must hang out again STAT. 

3. We got a lot done for the wedding yesterday despite starting the day late, with our keys and id at different bars in Laguna Beach...yeah, Saturday was a fun night :P

4. We survived the earthquake. It's the biggest one we've had in a long, long time. 

I need a portable wine glass cup, because water bottles don't cut it in Earthquakes #alwaysbeprepared

5. Tiffany's giveaway ends today! We have one more week on my giveaway, and here's another great one for ya! #giveawayproblems

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  1. Glad you made it through the quake unharmed! I've never had Persian food, but it looked really good!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I'm glad you're okay after the earthquake. I've never had Persian food, but it all looks pretty delicious to me!

  3. mm, definitely will have to try it! Come to Cali and I will learn to cook some! #blogfriends

  4. I can promise a low likelihood based on predictions? lol


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