Thursday, March 20, 2014

44 Weeks of Doing Good

Erykka and I decided to do the #dogood52ways challenge from the Do Good Bus. Every Wednesday night, we draw a new paper from the jar; complete the task; and invite our blog readers to partake. For more information on how this started go here.

Did I tell you last week's challenge was a soul challenge?

I really hope you participated and felt some goodness in it. I know some wisdom from a mother figure can always turn a day from bad to good. Moms are enlightened ladies!!

Like I mentioned last week, I live with my mom and chat with her every day. So I took the challenge above and beyond.

My momma and I! also, a bridal shower sneak peek! 

I spent time with both of my grandmothers at my bridal shower on Saturday and spoke to my godmother on the phone. I need to stop by her house this Saturday because her invitation got lost in the mail. I know they're coming, but I still want them to see it!!

I need to call my grandmother again today. They had to leave early because my grandpa wasn't feeling well (he has pancreatic cancer) and afterward I heard that she was worrying over the gift she got me! What a sweet lady!

This week's challenge is another easy one. I really love the way that the #dogood52ways challenge is about big things and small things. Every act of goodness and kindness does not have to be a large act.

I can't wait to see how you thank a janitor! Of course the words "Thank you" are enough, but I see our school janitor every day! I am brainstorming a more meaningful way of saying thank you. I challenge you to do the same!

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  1. where do you get the cards from for this? j/w

  2. Have you come up with a way to say thank you to a janitor? I need an idea. I am going to do this one! Just need an idea.

  3. I bought them from the Do Good Bus an organization based in LA. They put 52 of them in a jar and I just pull one each week! The original post has a link to buy it! I link to the original in my italicized intro

  4. You and your mom are so cute! That picture of y'all looks so 50's housewife. I love it.


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