Friday, March 14, 2014

Everyday Bravery

I've been thinking a lot about courage, lately. Specifically, the every day tasks where we are courageous and brave.  Those situations you face where you have no other choice but to have courage. You know those brave moments I'm talking about. The ones where you're faced with a crisis that could break your heart and change your life. There is no time to hesitate, you just must be courageous.

Perhaps the reason this strikes such a chord for me is because there are a lot of moms and family members in those situations right now. My best friends' less than one month old niece was just released from the NICU. Another friend's preemie is still in the NICU. Others I know are already out of the NICU and I couldn't be happier.

Those moms and families are brave for those babies every day. At the same time, those babies are showing an immense amount of courage.

Every time my best friends' niece did something courageous, she got a bead for a necklace. I'm sure she has no idea what the necklace is, but it has bright colors so she looks at it a lot. The spelled her name with the beads. That is how many scary things she encountered and every moment she had courage.

Luckily, she won't remember those moments. I bet they're very scary for her right now, though.

Every day, we are faced with moments like this. They won't be as extreme; but the events of the world are still poking us and probing us. We still don't understand why something is happening to us.

People will equate these words, bravery and courage, with extremely difficult tasks. Often times we don't feel courageous because we think it should be reserved for "heroes." But our heroes don't feel particularly brave. They do what they have to do because that is what they need to do. On a smaller scale, we all do the same.

Of course, we should commend them for their tough tasks. But we should also commend ourselves for our own tough tasks.

The homeless man who finds a place to stand every morning is brave. He is brave enough to push aside his pride to accept more looks of pity than money he will receive.

The teen mom shows courage as she walks through the grocery store, with her crying baby. The stares and the whispers could tear her down, but she must continue on.

You are courageous each day that you face every day, in light of the torment in your life. Be it a deceased family member, a tough breakup or a financial stressor.

Today, congratulate yourself on your bravery! You deserve it! :)


It's time for you guys to get to know Erica! I met Erica through the #VdaySwapBox link up, so you might remember hearing about her! She's an awesome blogger who works her buns off and still finds time to blog about amazing products on her blog The Peacock Review.

1. What makes you lucky? 

 I am a Libra to start with. So I think that makes me lucky. I am pretty good at guessing games as well. Put a jar of anything in front of me and I'll be close to how many is in there (usually).

2. If you found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, what would you spend it on? 

 Everyone else!!! I would buy more monthly beauty boxes and maybe buy a few for friends. Buy a new car and own a home.

3. What are you looking forward to most this spring? 

 Sandals. I can't wait to expose these toes!!! I also really like the thunderstorms and rain.

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I never really see myself as brave, but thank you for bringing a new perspective to the word. It seems just a little less intimidating. I AM BRAVE!

  2. I loved everything you said in this post. That's so inspirational. I can't imagine going through what those moms are going through, and of course I can't understand what those babies must be feeling. The fact that they're hurting and can't communicate with anyone. So sad.

  3. Thank you!!! I was hoping for it to be inspiring and not jumbled!! I know, those poor babies and mamas!

  4. This was such an inspiration to read - I can't say that I'm facing anything too horrible right now but sometimes just everyday stress over school and work seems quite daunting. But this really gave me new perspective :)

    ~ Laura @

  5. I'm so happy that it gave you new perspective!! Even when nothing is too terrible, it can still be a challenge and we should recognize our strength. I am a true believer in little bits of motivation making all of the difference!


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