Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WW: The Best Bridal Shower Theme Ever

If you're looking for a good bridal shower host, look no further than one of my best friend's. When I got engaged, I knew I wanted my bridal shower to be a surprise, so I asked Britney, one of my bridesmaids, to throw my bridal shower. My bridesmaids have been phenomenal the whole time I've been engaged, attending events and helping me with crafts. She probably won't come and throw yours for you, but below you will find her ideas (for you or your bridesmaids). If you like it PIN it! :)

Don't tell Iman, but one of my favorite part of being engaged is all of the parties!

Invitation & Theme: 


Bridal Shower Decorations:

I love the advice box! 

This was outside the front door, so you knew you were at the right house! 

OMG. She made a real strawberry cake (using puree) and it was divine

All of the prizes revolved around cooking and baking

She made a chalkboard timeline!

Britney even picked out my dress to be 1950s themed!

There were aprons on the gift table :) 

This is my ecstatic face after I saw everything. I was in such a state of glee!

As a photobooth, she put up a piece of paper with an ironing board and iron prop. So in the theme!

My bridesmaids (minus one) and my honorary bridesmaid! 

Big party :) 

And here's one last super cute picture of my aunt and I!

What do you guys think? What theme was your bridal shower? 
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  1. Such a cute shower! The theme is very original. :D

  2. This is adorable and so original! I'll have to keep this in my back pocket :)

  3. Aww this looks like such a cute shower! I love everything about this!

  4. I love the theme of this. Who's idea was it and where'd they get the idea and all the stuff to do it. It's so Leave it the Beaver looking. I can't think of the right word as you can tell. It's awesome though. I love the sign where it says 1st met and first kiss. Did that say it took 3 years til ya'll had your 1st kiss. Then 4 years til you had your 1st date. Just wondering if I read that right. I can't wait to see all the wedding stuff. You are gonna post it right?

  5. Tell that woman she needs to throw mine. Yeah, you think I'm kidding...

  6. Love this theme and your dress is too adorable! I like the photo booth idea too. I'm not married or engaged but have some friends who are so I need to store away some ideas!

  7. I just can't get over how freaking creative this is! AH! The photo booth, all the details, ahhhhh!!! SO SO GREAT!!!!! And that dress looks stunning on you! You're going to make the cutest little bride-and housewife of course :D

  8. :) aww thanks lady!! I can't believe how many details there were!! She and her mom just went above and beyond. I'm so grateful!!

    P.s. this dress is from my 21st birthday and I had to SQUEEZE into it since I was way underweight back then. I just love how cute and comfortable it is though. I got it at Unique Vintage in Burbank!

  9. Thanks!! Definitely store those ideas for later :) My friend is so talented and such a great party planner!

    Plus I think it is more fun to plan the party for a friend than yourself! Being surprised was totally worth it

  10. haha, I can throw yours! She and I always threw themed parties together in high school!

  11. My friend came up with the theme all on her own! She went to thrift stores to find the stuff for the party! The coke glass vases came from the Dollar Tree!

    Yes! We went to Winter Formal my senior year of high school as friends and that's when he kissed me! We don't count it as a date because it wasn't a date.

    Of course I will post the wedding stuff!!

  12. Thanks! I will tell my friend who threw it! Seriously, I am still so blown away!


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