Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Calling all Guest Bloggers and a quick game of Never Have I Ever

Today, I'm not too sure what to blog about. Maybe it's because yesterday I cranked out 3 blog posts, or maybe it's because my brain is consumed by wedding planning, moving planning and all other types of planning...but my brain is full, basically.

If you know much about my personality, you know that when my brain gets full of planning and things to do, I make quite a few lists. So that's what I'm doing. One of those lists is one that could benefit you!

This is how I feel about guest posts :) 

I'm looking for guest bloggers for the months of April and May! Our wedding is April 19th, and we leave for our honeymoon the next morning! I am looking for guest blogs for April 21-25, April 28-May 2 and May 5 (in case I'm too jetlagged on my first day back). Please feel free to email me your interest! 

So that's my list that I'm making to benefit you all - free guest post opportunities! Seriously, don't miss out!!

And, for some fun, since it's been awhile: an updated Never List!

Never List 
  • Had a surprise birthday party
  • Broken a bone
  • Been to an exotic country (Does Holland count for our honeymoon next month?)
  • Written a full book
  • Spent a day without worrying
  • Kept my room and closet clean for a year
  • Been to the Grand Canyon
  • Made amends with family members lost
  • Accepted that I can't control everything
  • Gone to prom
  • Surfed
  • Been on the radio
  • Had breakfast served to me in bed
  • Gone toiletpapering
  • Swam with dolphins
  • Bought and worn dominatrix boots
  • Learned to play guitar
  • Raced a car
  • Done strip-tease aerobics
  • Driven up PCH from start to finish
  • Played spin the bottle
  • Rode a skateboard in heels
  • Known more than two languages fluently
  • Been seduced in a foreign language
  • Gone paintballing
  • Been serenaded in public
  • Had a cake fight
  • Gotten married (6 weeks!) 
  • Been to an OSU vs Michigan Game
  • Been a mommy
  • Laid down in the middle of the street
  • Watched Aurora Bourealis
  • Seen a meteor shower with someone else
  • Seen a Shooting Star
  • Been to Mardi Gras
  • Owned my own house
  • Been in a hot air balloon
  • Made my own fashion line (well, Color Me a Warrior Queen has begun!)
  • Gone to an NFL or NBA game (we went to see the Eagles in November!) 
What's on your never list? What should I add to mine? 

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  1. Holland totally counts! A lot of your nevers are on my list too :)

  2. yay!! I have a list somewhere with the ones I've done crossed off, but I can't seem to find it :/

  3. I want to see the aurora b. too! And yes why not count holland? :)

  4. I would so love to go down the PCH from top to bottom, someday.. Loving your list. :)
    ps. - so happy for you!! :) and your wedding. :)

  5. Thank you!!

    Ah, wouldn't it be so amazing! I did a stretch of it for our OC to San Francisco trip (we took 2 days each day stopping at landmarks) but I want to be a real tourist in our state!

  6. Uhm, so now we have a blate to go see the aurora b, right?

  7. I read your Mardi Gras post!! It was awesome!! I opted out of going to prom because I didn't want to go with my boyfriend, I had always envisioned prom with someone else (I know that sounds sad for the boyfriend I had...) and my best friend's date was expelled so we went to Disneyland instead. I've done variations of TP-ing...like "ketchuping" where we wrote on people's sidewalks with ketchup because we were too broke to buy TP or something. hahah. I think I will take my kids tp-ing someday

  8. I so would've picked Disneyland over prom. How fun! I've never heard of ketchuping. That's hilarious! My friends and I used to do a lot of TP'ing variations in high school. We went duct-taping, which is spreading duct tape along a street next to stop signs in neighborhoods, then the tape would catch and start flapping and it makes it sound like they have a flat tire. We also went cookieing which was buying cheap cookies with cream in the middle, taking them apart, licking them and putting them on people's cars. We were really weird haha.

  9. I honestly think my friends and I made up Ketchuping while being weird one night. We would always take the ketchup from Denny's. Duct-taping sounds fun too!!! Omgosh, and the cream cookie one! I love it!!! I've also messed with some cars of people that I don't like. :P

  10. yes there are!! Seriously, I can still remember going to the Mystery Spot and The Winchester Mystery House and it was 6 years ago!!


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