Thursday, March 20, 2014

Living Alone [Guest Post]

Hi everyone! My name's Allison and Raewyn has been so generous to let me take over for the day while her and Iman are off doing all those gross things that almost newlyweds do! I'm actually not sure what she was thinking handing her little baby over to me.. I've proved to be a terrible blogger and extremely irresponsible, yet she still believes in me.

A little about myself.. I live in the sometimes beautiful capital of North Carolina. I sleep with a transformers blanket and my 8 pound Chihuahua / Yorkie mix every night. I read like its my job, and I can kick anyone's ass in Songpop. (If you are a music lover and haven't tried song pop, do it now!)

In December, I moved out of a house that I shared with my now ex-husband. That story is for another time but Raewyn and I thought it would be a good idea to share some insight on living by yourself. I honestly hope that ya'll can learn from my disaster of a living situation because I am convinced that I need a babysitter.

I am so terrible about turning off my straightener or turning off the oven.. on some occasions I have even left an eye on my stove on. How does that even happen? So I've started leaving little notes for myself everywhere. - I look like an old woman who can't remember where she left her dentures. There is a note by my door that says "Did you turn your straightener off?" I mean honestly how ridiculous.. I am 22 years old and I almost burn my house down 3 days a week. I guess its a good thing I've got renters insurance. Okay see, a mature adult wouldn't think that was funny. 

(a friend sent me this, and I am thinking about investing)

Also, don't forget to check your mail. This is weird for me because checking the mail seriously used to be my favorite thing about the day. Now, my mailman hates me because the box overflows. At one point I was actually amazed at how he got so much mail in there without the door flying off. Pure talent that mailman has, I tell you. 

I thought that living alone would mean having friends over all the time and having parties on the weekends. HA HA HA. Having a party would mean I would have to wake up the next day hungover and clean up after all those people. I know we just met but cleaning up beer cans after other people really isn't my thing. 

Also, someone tries to break in at least once a night, at least that's what I think every time I hear a noise while Roxy and I are snuggled in bed. I feel like it's quite pathetic at this point really. It doesn't help that my house is older than dirt so it makes all kinds of noises throughout the night. It's probably a good thing I don't own a gun because I'd look like 007 slowly working my way through the house with my back against the wall. 

(see, even Roxy gets scared. She hides between the pillows.)

I've also been told on several occasions that it's not all that smart to leave your keys in the door. I guess I just get carried away and shut the door without taking my keys out of the lock. Thank god I've had a friend coming over all those times or else someone might have stolen my 19 inch TV.  What a tragedy. 

As much as I joke about it, because me living by myself is actually a joke.. I really love living by myself. It may make me a little but of a loner but I'm okay with that. Let's just all pray that I don't burn the house down before I find a roommate! 

Thanks for taking the time to continue reading after you discovered that Raewyn had turned her blog over to me for the day! If you wish to follow me on this never ending journey come visit me at FORGET THE TIME and follow me on TWITTER! I promise to teach you some life lessons. (as if you should be learning life lessons from me.)


Isn't she just hilarious?
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  1. I kick folks tail at song pop too. :D

  2. the link on the post doesn't work for her blog.

  3. I loved living by myself when I did, but I am also super duper paranoid. I get freaked out pretty easily by noises.

  4. me too!! Which is why I cannot live alone!


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