Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Bachelorette Party

I have been anxiously anticipating this post all week and now that it's time I find myself utterly unprepared! Also, I am apparently really into alliteration!

Where do I even begin? [Maybe with an apology for all of the cell phone pix. The real camera pix have not yet been sent to me, but I'm too excited to share]

Two girls had to leave early for work, but this is the gang of us + our go cart driver

When I got engaged, I told all of my bridesmaids that I wanted the bachelorette and the bridal shower to be a surprise. I'm really into surprises and no one had ever thrown me a surprise party before. I did pick the location of my bachelorette party [San Diego] and which weekend it would be. From there, the rest was up to my maid of honor and bridesmaids.

They did such a great job!!

Instead of a couple of hotel rooms to house 9 of us, they found a house with enough bedrooms through AirBnB. I was the only person who had used the site before, so they were all a little weary before we arrived.

Surprisingly, we made great time on Friday and got there around dinner time! [Woo hoo no traffic!] The house had 4 bedrooms with room to sleep 11 comfortably; 2 bathrooms; a kitchen; living room; dining room and spacuzzi.

It was awesome!

Cards against Humanity! 

Obligatory "Bachelorette" cup and penis straw while drunk picture 

Spa stuff / typical girls' night! 

The first night we did a spa night. There were only about six of us staying the first night. We didn't actually get to the masks and facials because we got too drunk. So basically we painted our nails and eventually ended up in a luke warm spacuzzi. [I have pictures, but they will not be shared because my new bathing suit was too small].

The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast before heading to Coronado Island. It is just beautiful! I'd only ever been one other time because I am scared of the bridge to get there, but I will definitely go back!

All of us by the Hotel Del Coronado sign. This picture is really blurry :( But I know they took one with a real camera, too. 

This was a fun picture :) 

I am so happy that the rain from the prior week was gone! 

Full Bachelorette regalia at the really fancy hotel

Lunch time!


Yum! Gelato :) 

Lauren, my best friend from pre-school

Emily, my best friend and neighbor since i was 12

My maid of honor and best friend, Molly! [if you can't tell, she and Emily are twins]

Katy, my partner in crime 

All of us in the bright gelato shop! The ladies working were so sweet! 

We walked around, ate, enjoyed the beach...and then went back to get ready to go out!

Around this time some strippers "showed up" aka a couple of my friends invited them because they didn't realize I didn't want strippers. I took one look at the guys outside the door and said "I'm out" and barricaded myself in my room until they left. The girls said they were handsy and had only ordered one stripper anyway.

I love this bag! It's hot pink though, not orange. 

I think male strippers are creepy...or at least the idea of them coming into my home. I could go see Thunder Down Under ANY DAY!

After we got ready, we took an Uber [If you use code V39H6 you will get a $20 credit for your first ride!!]   to Downtown San Diego to go out!

Krystal, my newest best friend. She is Iman's best man's wife and we spend so much time together! 

We ended up eating at Bootlegger. It seemed really awesome at first but then our service started to suck. As in, she forgot to ring in my food! MY FOOD. Which was the easiest because I ordered a hamburger and I filled out a sheet for her. I wasn't the only one to do this though, so I'm not sure how she misplaced mine.

Attempting to look like we enjoyed Bootleggers

The security guard was pretty cool. He wanted to take a picture with me? 

Also, they took forever to "rush" my food out to me. Drinks cost $10 for the size of an old fashioned. I.e. 1 shot of we left there and I was pretty sober.

We walked a bit and ended up at Altitude, a rooftop bar. I love rooftop bars. This one was smaller but I was stoked anyway!! We ended the night at Bang Bang! An Asian Fusion club that has a Ryan Gosling bathroom which I heard wasn't worth the wait in line.

The San Diego skyline! 

This guy gave us all a free ride because he gets paid by the advertising

Home again on Sunday morning, all hungover and awesome.

All I ate was Jack in the Box for all of my meals. Then I had a piece of cake for my future brother-in-law's 15th birthday and got a stomach ache. Another Jack in the Box taco fixed that. #hangoverproblems.

My bridal shower is this Saturday and I am so excited!

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  1. This looks like it was a great weekend! How fun! I'm so glad you had a great bachelorette weekend!

    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Awesome pics by the way. I'm super excited for you. :D as if you didn't already know that. :D I love that shirt girl. It's adorable. you're gonna be a gorgeous bride. enjoyed the pics. take lots more and treasure all of this time and your wedding day.

    come join the hop

  3. So glad you had an awesome bachelorette! San Diego looks so much fun and all being in one house is definitely the best.

  4. Thank you!! It was so much fun. The house was much better with a great hangout area vs hotel room hang outs

  5. aww thank you so much Laney!! Do you love the Simba shirt? It's from Hot Topic!!

  6. Thank you!! Can't wait to hear about yours

  7. yea that's what i'm talking about. its awesome. :D yea they have cool stuff we dont have one here though

  8. oh it was so glorious! I was worried since we had just had our storm, but the weather and atmosphere really made it perfect!

  9. Hot topic. in order to get to me we have to drive 45 mins to an hour. not worth their prices.

  10. It sounds/looks like you had waaaay too much fun! Omg! This makes me want to have a bachelorette party right now! I've never heard of AirBnB, but it sounds like a cool concept. I've heard of Uber, but we don't have that here unfortunately. Boo. I would have freaked out over the strippers too. I'm way way way too awkward for a man to be taking off his clothes right in front of me. No way. What an awesome bachelorette weekend though!

  11. It was so much fun!! AirBnB is so cool for traveling. It gives you the comfort of a home + kitchen + privacy without break the bank prices. Boo Uber not being near you! I guess since Orange County has some really populated beach areas, they're all over here! haha, I think if I was at a strip show it would be different but the strippers would be SO close to me if they were at my house!

  12. ohh, what about online? I have probably over 10 hot topics within 45 mins of me :/ Including the corporate office. That is just half hour away

  13. I dont buying clothes online b/c they usually dont fit. there's one 45 mins from here and an hour from here.

  14. Looks like such a blast! The photo of all of you gals lined up is really cute!! Good idea!

  15. Thanks! I wish I came up with that one!!


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