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Guest Post: Living With Lupus

Did you all get a chance to check out Chelsea on my sidebar this month? She blogs over at Mommie and Wee and she has got me so inspired. She really wanted to do a guest post (who am I kidding, I begged her to share her story with you guys). Without further ado, here's this wonderful super warrior queen! 

Oh my gosh. Today is the day! I'm so happy to be here, sharing with you Be A Warrior Queen followers!   

First of all, thanks so much Raewyn for letting me guest post on your blog!! I absolutely adore your vision behind your blog, and commend you on a job well done!!   

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself too! My name is Chelsea, mother of twins and mommie blogger at Mommie and Wee! I also have Lupus, which is part of the reason why I'm here! (And, because I was so eager to write for BAWQ!)   

Sidenote: Lupus... yeah, a lot of people don't know what that it. It's okay if you had to do a google search. ;) Lupus is a incurable autoimmune disease that affects over 5 million worldwide. Yet, the majority of the world's population has no clue what it is, who it affects, and how it affects us. Crazy right!   Well, I was diagnosed with Lupus when I was 17, but I didn't have any major problems until I was 22... and pregnant with twins! I ended up being in the ICU for 3 weeks because of it... major bummer. But, I'll spare you the deats. You can read more about it if you want HERE. (It's a crazy story, and I'm not just saying that!!)   

Anywho, I know we just met, but can I be real with you guys for a sec?   Sometimes, I think about Lupus, and I’m just like.... ‘efffffff’! Click HERE and HERE to see why.   Like, living with Lupus is definitely not the most enjoyable thing in the world.   Don’t worry. This isn’t a ranting, complaining, woah-is-me post. This is Warrior Queen moment of fame, remember!   Even though I sometimes most times hate living with Lupus, I am also thankful for it.   Yes, you heard me right!   I’m thankful to have Lupus for this one specific reason... Lupus has helped me to be a better mother.

  BAWQ feature  
Lupus has taken me out of my comfort zone. And motherhood... Well, motherhood is living life outside of your comfort zone! You never know what is to come. There is no instruction manual. We’re just free ballin’ out here! So, thank you Lupus for preparing me for that.  

  Lupus has made me think of ‘parent-like’ things. I hate to say this, but Lupus has forced me to be realistic. Although I hope to live a very long life, I have prepared myself for the opposite. The average 20-something doesn’t even think about life insurance -- and stuff like that -- because of what it ultimately means. But me, oh I’ve got that all under control!   

I’m more optimistic because of Lupus. Complete opposite from my last point! But honestly, because things could be a LOT worse, Lupus has taught me to shed positivity on everything. Like I’m the sun, but with positivity rays! Haha! Kids, they are going to make mistakes. So, it helps to be able to see an ounce of positivity in a situation before getting upset.   

Lupus has made me wayyyyy more ‘kum-by-yah’ oriented. Like growing up, I didn’t really care about the world around me. What kid does? But, I never really did community service or tried to create a better world. Sorry college applications, I may have expanded on the truth a fib just a little. ;) But, Lupus has reallllllly made me want to help the world. In some way. Be a light -- which is why I started this blog in the first place, and did THIS too -- I’m sooooooo thankful for that.  

  I am who I am because of Lupus. This is the most important. I would not be the person that I am, much less the mother that I am, if it wasn’t for Lupus. Every piece of this painful puzzle has shaped and molded me to be Chelsea -- crazy, random, simple-minded, geeky, cool Chelsea. (Yes, I said cool!) :)
Do you have Lupus, or any other chronic illness for that matter? What has it helped you to become?
Even though I’m not happy I have Lupus, I’m happy for how it has helped me to grow. I have started a donation project, Mommie for a Cure, and every bit of money raised will be donated to the Alliance for Lupus Research. If you have a minute, please head on over to my donation page and share a dollar... or ten.   

Oh! Last thing! If you have Lupus, know someone who does, or have been affected by Lupus in any way, please check out (and share your story with me via) the Purple Spotlight! I shed the ‘spotlight’ on Lupus warriors to raise awareness. I’d love to share your story next!   

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Again, thanks so much Raewyn for letting me share my little testimony! So happy to have met you all over cyberspace! Come visit my blog, I'm dying to get to know you even more! 

With Love,  M&W.    


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  1. I don't know anyone who is experiencing or going through Lupus, but Chelsea is so positive and open about her life - so glad she shared her story - I'm off to read her blog (with twins!!!!) <3

  2. I'm sure that living with lupus (or any chronic illness) can't be easy, but I love your outlook, Chelsea! That's great that you've been able to pull positive things out of a situation where it would be perfectly acceptable to just feel "poor me" about. :) You are a warrior queen! :)

  3. It's really nice to "meet" you, Chelsea! I have a friend who has lupus, so I know it's definitely not easy.

  4. I don't know anyone personally with Lupus but thank you for sharing your story.

  5. songbirdsandbuttonsOctober 11, 2014 at 8:42 AM

    Living with a chronic illness is so hard. I have endometriosis and IC - I feel like it is so hard sometimes for others to relate because it's not something that you can "see". Thank you for sharing your story, hugs!

  6. Thanks for raising our awareness, and sharing your positive approach to living a happy life with Lupus

  7. It must be so hard living with Lupus, or any chronic illness for that matter. My heart goes out to Chelsea, she's so brave for sharing her story and her outlook on life. Stay positive! x

  8. I don't know anyone with lupus so I really appreciate you sharing so that I can learn more about it!

  9. I've heard about lupus but I don't know personally anyone who has it. Thank you for sharing your story and letting us know a bit more. And thank you for being such an honest and wonderful person and letting it show in your posts :)

  10. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story with us. I love your outlook on life, being positive and compassionate are such wonderful traits.

  11. how inspiring! thanks for sharing. I've learned more about lupus today than i ever knew before

  12. I always have heard about lupus but didn't know much about it. Thanks for sharing your story!

  13. You are such a strong mama, thank you so much for sharing your story!

  14. yay!! Yes, she seriously is such an inspiration!!

  15. :) Isn't she such a warrior queen??

  16. I have a few friends who live with a chronic illness, and it has taught me to be more aware of people who may be silently suffering.

  17. She is so brave!! I am so inspired by her :)

  18. I'm so glad we could teach you more!!

  19. You my dear friend are a warrior! Rock on mama!


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