Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Wishes #13

Last week was rollercoaster-y and busy. This week will be super busy, too! Eep, but I got a lot of awesome pictures taken on my adventures (take a look at the end!)

1// Get some serious research in for this really exciting opportunity. I did great at this! Well, organizing. Researching, not so much but the ball is in my partner's court!

2// Get some serious love going on the Not Just October NPO!! Success!! Check out their new website :)

3// Take Bella to the dog park! We postponed this till this week because we wanted to be sure it was a "good" dog park. But she did get 2 playdates in! 

4// Keep building my habits from last week. Oh EM gee I got this! 

The Nectar Collective

1// Feel Balanced. This one is more of a feeling I'm striving for, so no set guidelines.

2// Work at Home Plan. I'm finally going full time with my company, so I'm working out a plan to stay on task. ALSO, since I'm working less shifts this week, I picked up a couple of shifts working office stuff for a friend.

3// Take pictures at my adventures! This week I'm heading to Disneyland for a bachelorette, and then the wedding is Sunday! Pictures are a must

4// Bake something for my grandpa's wake.

I had so much fun this past weekend. I went to a pumpkin patch and to Queen Mary's Dark Harbor! 

This was the best scare crow installation. It was made by a girl scout troupe!!

My "other family"

Iman and I painted pumpkins when we got home (note, these are not the finished products)

This man put a curse on me

Iman was too tall for the coffin :P

I am so grateful for our friend for getting us these tickets to Dark Harbor. The Queen Mary is legitimately haunted, and I've been on it a few times previously. Every year, a friend of mine runs the pyrotechnic team at this event, and this year we went and visited her!

p.s. I fed a baby lamb!
What wishes do you have this week? How did last week go?

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  1. AH sounds like this week is going to be a blast! Have tons of fun!


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