Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly Wishes #12

1// Finish cleaning and organizing. I am considering this a win. We still have a daily mess, but it's nothing like before. All of the laundry is done, kitty litter solution found, boxes are emptied and put away...success! 

2// Bake something. I kept forgetting to buy eggs and sugar so, this didn't happen! 

3// Hang Pictures. The boys failed on this one! 

4// Build my Darby Smart DIY. I did it!! It's super cute, but my camera died so I didn't take pix while I was doing it. 

5// Raise money for my CHOC Walk on Sunday! I successfully raised enough money to do the walk -- still accepting donations until Halloween! I ended up sleeping through the walk though #tiredpeopleproblems

The Nectar Collective

1// Get some serious research in for this really exciting opportunity. Oh, I wish I could share, but we're just in the ideas stage! 

2// Get some serious love going on the Not Just October NPO!! I am overwhelmed by all of the support we've had!! 

3// Take Bella to the dog park! She needs more socializing!

4// Keep building my habits from last week. It's usually after 2 weeks that I falter...I'm currently at day 11! 


You guys are in for a serious treat today! I've teamed up with some awesome lady bloggers to offer 19 - yes, NINETEEN - free ad spots to one lucky winner! The winner of this giveaway will win a ton of ad spots - see a complete list - and $25 PayPal cash. Who wouldn't love that?! Giveaway is open to everyone, and entries will be verified so don't cheat! image

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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. Definitely think it's important to keep up with habits/goals made from weeks before - it's so easy to forget about them once we move on to new goals, but it shouldn't be like that! Cool giveaway by the way! :)

  2. I'm glad you got to do some of your goals from last week!! I hope you get to do most of them from this week as well!

  3. Awesome giveaway! And it looks like you made a lot of progress in your weekly wishes. :) I can't wait to find out what all the research is for!!

  4. what a great idea for a giveaway!! I've totally signed up :)

    Also, good luck on your goals this week. Seems like you have a good list going and I hope you're momentum maintains throughout the week. I'll be rooting you on!

  5. Totally keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  6. Thank you! Yeah, coming back to the goals definitely holds me accountable!

  7. haha thank you for being so excited about it all!! THIS particular endeavor is not in blogland, but it might tie in a little bit. I'm looking into becoming an entrepreneur!

  8. Thank you so much Kate!!! Good luck on the giveaway!!


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