Monday, September 30, 2013

Chuck the Truck Fix Me Up

In honor of Chuck's big day passing smog, [I hope] I wanted to write yet another fun post about my truck. Mainly, the quirky things I love / the things I want to fix!

This is Chuck the Truck. 

I love the 5 pt. harness seatbelts when we're offroading, but I want to install regular seatbelts, too. No one knows how to put them on! 

I love that my truck has poles in it. And that he's been gifted with koozies from Gibson. 

I need a new horn! The wires look like this because one time in 2010, while I was at work someone came in and told me truck had been honking for the past hour. When I took the horn part off, smoke came out at me!

So we don't hit our head, there are pool noodles on the poles! But these noodles are old and flaking off in people's hair. Easy fix!

I love that my truck can go into 4 wheel drive!! 

Clutch Start Cancel was my lifesaver in high school. I would go out and warm it up, without having to jump all the way into it. 

These are my speakers. Conveniently located between my two seats, never installed. Obviously, I want to install a real radio system.

For the first few years of Chuck in my possession, he was without a radio. My grandpa hotwired this to the speakers and ziptied it. We're ghetto like that. 

Stick shift! And my little baby 4WD stick shift. 

That damn parking break. I need to get this fixed, ever since he rolled down a hill and hit another car in 2010 while I was babysitting.

I need a new key! This one is so warn that it will fall out while I'm offroading. 

I love my upside down Toyota sign!

Ram bar. The better to hit you with? That's what this kid in high school thought. Uh, no, this is better for duning.

The very first thing I fixed on my truck was replacing the head lights as a teen. I left the monkey wrench on top of the battery and short-circuited my truck on the way to the desert. Oops! 

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