Friday, September 27, 2013

Dear Littles, Why are you so big?

Dear Littles,
Why are you so big? When did you get old enough to have Instagram and cell phones?
Do you even remember that you made me call you Tiger instead of your real name? To be frank, I'm surprised Little Man still lets me use that nickname. You were so jealous that he had a nickname and you didn't.  
Wasn't it just yesterday that we were playing in the park? You, Tiger, threw a dirt clod at your cousin's head and there was secretly a rock inside of it. I don't think you knew that because you felt so bad. Then you fell asleep while you were on time out. You were just so little! Remember how Little Man had me carry him back from the park? With his head down because it was bleeding, but I didn't want him to know. 
Remember the time we baked cupcakes at my house, Little Man? You'd always insist on it after that. Cupcakes and Spongebob and sometimes you liked to take photos for me for my photo class. Remember the letters you used to write me when I went away to college? The one time you were mad at me for putting a letter to your mom in the same envelope? You wouldn't answer my calls for a week.  Now you're going to Cotillion? You're such a good big brother now. I just love to see you and it makes my heart so happy whenever you tell me you miss me. 

Hey, Miss Waitlin, remember how you and your brother used to make me "drop" you on the couch every five minutes? Remember when you wanted chocolate milk SO BAD that you ate the chocolate powder by itself. I haven't seen you in so long, and you're such a big kid now! But I still remember all of those weekends you'd spend at my house while your dad was in Vegas making the big bucks in the World Poker Tour. I remember all of the beer pong parties and Halloweens when you'd clutch my hand, determined to only stay with me.  
How in the world did you all get so big? High school? Middle school? I feel like I haven't changed or  grown that much [but I know I have]. There you guys are - growing up and becoming magnificent adolescents.  
Don't change who you are, remember that. Whenever you need a reminder, you can always call me :) 
The other day one of my littles - that I babysat from age 4, added me on Instagram. She's in high school now. How does this happen? I might be having another midlife crisis. How has it already been 7 years since high school graduation? AHHH!

And in that spirit...let's #backthatazzup to something old school...from my middle school days...that I sang at karaoke this week

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