Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Time in California

I’m not going to lie. I’m excited for “fall” things. The pumpkin spice lattes, boots and scarves, flannels, leggings and riding season.

My phone makes me look pasty! 

Usually, I’m the girl who chases the warm weather, holding on to every last bit of summer.

Last summer, I never wanted it to end. Summer camp was one of the best experiences of my life. This year, I spent my summer working a real job…and then two or three more other jobs.

Sitting in a hot office all day with a cranky a/c unit is not my idea of summer. Thus, I’d really like it to be fall now.

I want it to be okay to be drinking hot coffee in the middle of the day. I want it to be okay that I’m wearing leggings and boots right now [fyi, it’s not okay. I’m hot.]

But here in So Cal fall is synonymous with fire season so it is hot, hot, hot. I’m pretending it’s fall today though since it is a high of 73.

Fire season is horrible. Basically the whole month of October everything burns. It starts earlier, in August, in Central California. We don’t get too much of it until around now. I’m sure all of you heard about last month’s Yosemite fire. I have friends who were on it for the whole thing. Iman wants to be a fire fighter. I try to be more excited than freak out.

On top of all of that, there is an arsonist on the loose in LA. Wtf. A person of interest has been picked up, but still. Last night someone set 6 trash can fires on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks. One of those spread to two buildings!!

I’m deathly afraid of fire,guys. Especially trashcan fires. My house caught on fire because of a trashcan fire in Ohio. It sucks. So fire season sucks extra. Plus, it’s delaying my fall fun! We don’t get leaves falling off the trees here, so drinking pumpkin flavored things are all I got! But the iced pumpkin latte is not my favorite.

ALTHOUGH, I am super excited for Starbucks’ new drink the Chocolate Chai Tea Latte. Uhm hi, this tastes like spiced chocolate milk and I am in love.

I don’t even like chocolate milk, but I like this. I have to refrain from getting it every day. It’s that good.
Originally, I thought this post would be about how excited I am for fall. I guess instead, I let my jealousy show that you all are starting to experience it!

  • I’m thankful for the firefighters that work round the clock during fire season.
  • I’m thankful for the rain that eventually comes in November.
  • I’m thankful for my beautiful California weather – even though the Santa Anas are evil and start fires and give me sinus infections.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

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  1. I'm pretending today is fall by wearing a big fluffy scarf, even though the temps will get to 95 degrees. :-) Great minds think alike!

  2. Gosh, stay safe with those fires! I guess that's a big thing out on the west coast. The chocolate chai latte sounds amazing! Yum! I am partial to the regular chai latte from Starbucks, but I may have to make an exception :)


  3. I think most of us are pretending it's fall. Today I saw a woman wearing furry boots despite if being 81F at the time.

  4. I was always a summer person too. Until well night shift! I love the cold mornings it so much easier to sleep!! And i especailly love this fall... becuase if it is fall already that means i am one season closer to my wedding! teehee - im sure you can relate! xoxo


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