Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekly What

Just stopping by for a second Sunday in a row to say Hey!

This morning I'm hanging out with 2 Teenage Girls, go check them out and tell me what you think of my guest post! 

Today's the last day for the giveaway I'm participating in with Just Jacq, go enter!

I also saw this idea from Dreams and Colour [who got the idea from someone else], about doing a post recap on the weekend. Maybe it will motivate me to write every day! :)

Monday: I wrote about my CHOC Walk and asked for donations to help the Children's Hospital of Orange                 County.
Tuesday: I mentioned Just Jacq and the giveaway I'm participating in
Wednesday: I fessed up to my wedding freak out. Thanks for all of the positive support!!
Thursday: I gave you a taste of fall in Southern California.
Friday: I wrote a letter to all of the little kids who are growing up too fast!

And, for some fun pictures! Here's my Saturday Insta-Recap a day late!

I live at Sbux during my lunch hour

90's Child LOVE

One of my favorite pictures of us :)

Pretending it's fall in SoCal

Happy Sunday! We're heading out soon to watch some FOOTBALL and check out a wedding venue. Cross those fingers :)

 photo name.jpg

P.S. The Buckeyes are 17-0 :) undefeated

Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:

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