Friday, September 6, 2013

The longing for the ideal weekend

Having a weekend off in my life is rare. So rare it only happens every few months - if I'm lucky. Even more rare, is having a weekend off with Iman. We work in the food industry, and everyone who has ever gone to a restaurant on the weekends knows that weekends are not a day of break for those employees. No, it makes more sense to have a day off on a Monday. But I work a full time M-F job.

You can see the predicament.

We both make sure to have Sunday off to spend time together, be able to attend family functions and breathe. Mostly though, we sleep on Sundays. This weekend, Iman has the entire weekend off. I'm jealous. I work tomorrow morning. But that's okay because once I get off work (did I mention I get to watch the Ohio State game while I work??), we're heading up north of LA to celebrate a friend's birthday. I lived up there when I went to school and Iman moved up that way with me last May. So we have a lot of friends up there. It's only about a 100 mile drive, which is nothing in California buuuut with no time off work / my friends working in the food industry too, seeing each other is close to impossible.

Old blurry pic of the birthday girl and I!

But it's going to happen. We're going to cram as much seeing people time as we can into our Saturday evening and Sunday morning. It won't be a relaxing weekend but it will be a fun one.

On that note, I got thinking about my ideal weekend. I'm not talking about the perfect vacation weekend or anything crazy. I'm just talking about how I'd love every weekend to take place.

It'd start out with sleep, obviously.

But none of this stay in bed until 1 pm stuff that we do on Sundays. This is my ideal weekend, and that means it's going to be relaxing and fun!!

I'd love to go to brunch. I love brunch. We used to do roommate brunch after our brutal Saturday night restaurant closing shifts (and then drinking after, because you gotta party it up at 21) back in the day. I love it.

Adventure shoes

After brunch, I'd like to wander down to the beach or some other fun activity. Mostly, I want to be just lounging around in good company. I want it to be the type of day where the only time people are on their phone is to take pictures, if on their phone at all.

We could kayak! We could go on a beach hike with our toes in the sand. Whenever I think of this, I think of Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach. When you go, if it's the right time of tide, you can get to a secluded beach area.

Beach love in college

In the evening, I'd love to have a barbeque. Friends over, sangria in pitchers and laughter. We could play some fun party games, or just regular board games. A midnight walk to the park would be so much fun!

Of course, we'd go to bed late and sleep in extra late on Sunday morning.

Family days are the best!

But we'd manage to get up and have lunch with our families. I love going to Iman's brothers' basketball games on Sundays. I get prettttyy into it.

That giant is 13. 6'6"...

Sunday night would be an awesome time for a girl's night. Leave the boys to their own devices and have at-home spa makeovers or cocktails at a low-key bar/restaurant.

Ah! It all sounds so wonderful and that little Friday daydream is exactly what I needed to get through the rest of my Friday at work.

Adventure faces

What is your ideal weekend?

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  1. That sounds wonderful! When you plan it, let me know. I am flying to California! ha


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