Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Night Hangs

Helllooooo! Anyone out there?

I know I kind of went a little bit missing in the last week. You'll find out why on Wednesday...don't be too anxious though - it's not something horrible!

My weekend was pretty fun and crazy. Now I'm sitting at Coffee Bean letting the blogging juices flow.

 I'm attempting to do that whole type all of my blogs on the weekend thing. This will be post #3 I've written for the week. You're so proud!

I wanted to share my super cool and awesome weekend recap.

This pretty momma had her 2nd beautiful girl yesterday morning! TBT to pre-kids :)

Rockin my new Eagles Jersey at JT Schmid's to watch the game

I love me some Sand Sports Super Show Glamis Babes. #girlsridetoo
Yesterday I spent the day at the Sand Sports Super Show. It's the most awesome sand toy show and means it's officially the beginning of riding season. It's finally cooling down! I got super awesome news that I can actually register my 2 wheeler without having to pay back registration from the years that the old owner didn't have it registered. YAY! We also have enough quads again. My brother and I grew out of our kid quads so we've been short for the past few years. My dad had given me his and we sold mine so we only had 2 quads for the 3 of us. Then we added Iman! But last year my dad bought my brother a new quad, and my dad just got himself a new quad. I can always ride the kid quad because I'm so little...oooor learn to ride my 2 wheeler!

I got to see a lot of old friends that I haven't seen in a year or two. Even a couple I hadn't seen in 6 or  so! I was so excited and now I cannot wait for the season to begin! Dad got me some cool new swag from Damzl, too. We also got some new riding gloves and riding socks. Woo! Of course my gear is all pink..

Pink quad, pink helmet, pink jersey and now PINK GLOVES
 I was supposed to volunteer today, too. I had a headache when I woke up so we stayed home and we got $15 massages.

Today we said "see you later" to our favorite sushi chef. 6 months in Thailand!

Have a great week!
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