Monday, September 2, 2013

September Blog Goals

Happy September, and HAPPY LABOR DAY! [even though I am working this year...]

In our family we do this crazy competition thing on the first of the month. It doesn't make any sense but my brother's 1st or 2nd grade teacher did it with their class. On the first of the month the first student to say "Rabbit" to her first would receive some sort of a prize. This grew into him saying Rabbit to all of us and a competition between my family and friends. So the first of the month I always wake up invigorated to get bragging rights.

For the first year since I was three, I will not be going back to school. It is a pretty surreal feeling. I am used to coming up with goals and being organized and I'm going to be doing that. But in blog form!

I am really trying to focus on Warrior Queen right now - sharing what the movement is and gaining followers. I am so excited to see my dreams moving forward. Of course I would love to start my magazine but it is deeper than that. If I could just help one girl across the country feel stronger and more true to herself.

So, I wanted to share my September goals.

1. Create a Media Kit
2. Comment on 3 blogs a day
3. Befriend 3 more bloggers
4. Participate in a giveaway
5. Co-host a link-up (probably with Paulina @ Color me Brave)
6. Write 4 more guest blogs
7. Get 1 guest blog post
8. Fix my blog layout (maybe purchase a new design)
9. More pictures!

What are your September goals? 

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Felicia's Red Door Life


  1. I love that competition, what a cool family tradition to have.

    Sounds like some great goals for the month. My biggest goal this month is to get my laptop up and running again and get back into the swing of blogging.

  2. Found you from the Peacoats and Plaid blog hop and just read your movement and I love it! I also love how in your about me you said your religion is love. I am definitely a new follower! You've got it going on girl!

  3. These are awesome goals! I feel like I should start doing this - making goals at the beginning of each month.

  4. What a fun tradition! I wonder why they had to say "rabbit" to the teacher? I guess my big September goal is to stop rebelling against fall (however, it is STILL summer until September 22) and make the house feel a little cozier. That sounds better than saying get the house deep-cleaned, right?


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