Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Why I chose Handmade

I never wanted to stand in a store and try on dresses while the closest people to me told me if it looked good or not. I don't really like trying on clothes and I generally have a specific look in mind when I go shopping. I know what looks good on me, and it isn't usually what's popular. My whole life people have told me to try on this instead and handed me countless items that might look good on me, but I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable in.

I wanted to avoid all of that. I watch Say Yes to the Dress, I know how people are. I know my friends and family aren't like that. But I've gone wedding dress shopping with a friend and it just seems like such a process to get in and out of these dresses.

I like vintage and vintage-inspired dresses. It would be difficult to find an affordable vintage dress - especially in my size.

I hate being fawned over like that. I like getting my makeup / nails / hair done, but I get pretty uncomfortable when people keep squealing at me.

All of that aside, it just always seemed like that is the route I would take.

My grandmother made her own wedding dress.

My grandparents at their wedding

My mother made her own wedding dress, and a couple of others. I knew ever since I was little I wanted her to make mine.

Distinctly, I remember when she made our hairdresser's wedding dress. Lisa D wanted a sexy, slinky dress that looked absolutely stunning. The fabric, however, hated my mom and she hated it. I remember sitting with her at night as she swore again and again that she would never make a wedding dress. Little me piped up "But mom! What about my dress?" Of course, she said. Of course she would make my dress.

^^Our "we are so excited to be fabric shopping" faces

Having my mom make my dress makes it so much more personal for me. I teared up when we went fabric shopping (fabric paid for by my godmother) and when my best friend went with my "adopted mom" to get a petticoat.

^^ My godmother, my mom, moh, and I

^^Petticoat shopping with my moh, "little sis" and other mom

  This is what felt right to me. We've always been creative and I've always crafted together what I want and had my mom execute it. She gets me. I can tell her that I like this and this and this and something absolutely perfect comes out. She's an amazing lady, my momma.

I'm not going to ask her to make my veil because I don't want something long. I already have something in mind for that, but the dress was the make or break it [duh, it is THE dress of my life] and I could just never envision that dress looking like something I could find, or coming from someone who doesn't know me.

Thank you momma! I can't wait to see what your creation looks like, and to feel wrapped in that fabric of love, with more love stitched into every inch.

What made you decide on your dress and style?  Let everyone know at the #WeddingWednesday link up at Chits & Giggles

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  1. Aww that is so sweet that your mom is going to make your dress! I love that so much!

    Thanks for linking up, as always! :)

  2. I don't have anyone nifty to do it for me. plus I'm picky as shit and wouldn't be good enough. I have to see it on or I won't buy it

  3. I think that is precious that your mama is making your dress. :) I'm going to wear my grandmas for my rehearsal dinner. Picking my dress was TOUGH! I visited over 10 stores and tried on over 100 dresses. It was so exciting when I finally picked it!

    New follower that can't wait to see how your wedding progresses. :)

    Xo Kylie

  4. How special that she is going to make your dress!! Love that!

  5. What a great idea. How sweet of her! And lucky that you have a mama who can sew so well!
    I was not really into the dress, cake, and all that jazz. So my mama sent me a few options from David's Bridal that SHE liked. I tried those on, and basically I went with the one she liked the best. Haha.... I think it looks great, looking back at pictures, but I didn't care that much! I was the only daughter, so my mama wanted to see me get married for real, you know?
    Oh btw I found you through Wildcard Wednesday!

    Bethany at Before, During, and After

  6. That is so awesome that she is making your dress, and that your grandmother paid for the fabric. A whole family involved with the process sounds like a dream come true!! :'D

    I found you on the blog hop, and am now following :D


  7. I love the stories of handmade dresses! You're right, it's so much more personal. I wore my mother's wedding dress, which was handmade by my grandmother. It was so special, especially since my grandmother couldn't travel to make it to the wedding, I still felt like she was there.

    I'm a new follower via the Collective hop! Look forward to reading more from you :)


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