Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Insta Recap

Linking up at Pearls and Curls because it's always so fun :) 

It looks like there is no end in sight for my busy-ness at my jobs so I am going to have to do some preventative scheduling tomorrow! That way I can spend my lunch reading your lovely blogs!

Back in the day at Bdubs (round 1, circa 2010)

A friend found this gem and sent it to me. 

A collage of pix for one of my best friends' birthdays

A coworker moved on to bigger things, so I have more desk space

Found my mom's kitten on the top shelf in my closet

Last week, I got to see my neice and give her a warrior queen bracelet

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  1. THis is very sweet. :) I absolutely love the positivity.

    I hope you have a chance to check out that I nominated one of my new favorite blogs...(YOU!) for a Liebster award!! You can go check it out here

    Xo Kylie


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