Tuesday, September 10, 2013

World Suicide Prevention Day

Did you know that it is National Suicide Prevention Week and today is World Suicide Prevention Day? 

I received this email from the To Write Love on Her Arms staff today and I'm asking you to participate!! :) 

NSPW 2013, Tuesday: You Cannot Be Replaced
Hey Street Team,
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and day 3 of National Suicide Prevention Week. For today's participation, we're asking you to do the following:
1) Print out this PDF2) Fill it out at tell us why YOU cannot be replaced
3) Take a picture of yourself holding this card. If you purchased a WSPD Pack, please wear your shirt in the picture. If you didn't, please still participate :) Orange, Yellow, Purple, Turquoise, or any other color that has special significance to you is fine. Please be sure your written answer is clearly visible in the picture.
4) Email those photos to photos@twloha.com5) Also, if you're comfortable, share them on your social media and ask your friends to participate. Be sure to include the hashtags #NSPW13 and #WSPD13. Also, please tag us in each post.
No one has my thoughts, my love, or my ways to change the world #nspw13 #wspd13

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