Tuesday, October 8, 2013

25 By 25 Update and New Clothes

1. Keep my room clean every day. This has been a goal since childhood -__-
         Well, like usual, this goal won't be met for the whole year, but I am still determined!

2. Create and keep a Bedtime Routine. 
          Working on it...
3. Do a 30-day Challenge.
        Thinking of starting one as soon as my muscles stop throbbing from pole dancing classes...
4. Read 25 books. 2 down!
        I'm halfway done with another book...that I seem to have misplaced. 
5. Blog 10-15 x a month.
     SURPASSED!! August had 19, September had 20 and October has 6 so far! 
6. Become confident in my design ability.
      I'm still working on this, but I am making more fun images!
7. Make healthier eating habits - don't eat take out for 1 month. 
        Haven't even tried :/
8. Jog 5 miles without stopping.
       Better start running after my pole muscles feel normal...
9. Take my quad up China Wall. This ties in with wanting to go to Glamis more.
     The season is beginning!!! 
10. Donate Blood. This is a big deal as I am afraid of blood / entering the Red Cross buildings
         I need to sign up with Iman.
11. Give Chuck some TLC. Most notably - attempt to have $$ to fix exhaust leak, definitely at least replace the Roll Cage Cushion and put in the regular seat belts, detail the inside
       Since Chuck's smog was this past month, he did get worked on! We spent $450 on him but he still didn't pass. Looks             like he's getting more done soon!! :)
12. Find something for Iman and I to do together regularly (i.e. cooking class or a team)
        We've got a routine with football right now. But I'm still looking for something like class or team
13. Wear an "outfit" to work every day for a month. Including accessories and makeup
        I've been looking more put together and some days throw in accessories and makeup. 
14. Sell something for WQ
           Everyone keeps inquiring on the price of bracelets
15. Cook dinner every day for 2 weeks
           I have been cooking more again lately. But still not every day.
16. Meet a blog friend in real life. Megalin??
        Megalin's ticket is booked for Cali!! We're going to Disneyland!!
17. Organize my stuff in the garage / storage unit. 
         I attempted to get the stuff out of the storage unit, but I had the wrong key. FAIL. 
18. Go Paintballing. We have already purchased 2 packages...we just haven't used any.
        Well, our Living Social deal expired on Sunday. We really were going to go, but we got too into football and I could               barely move from my first pole dancing class.
19. See a meteor shower with Iman
           There haven't been any yet! 
20. Ride in the Great Orange Balloon.
         Forgot this was on here!
21. Learn to cook on the Weber
            Hmmm, I'll make my way to it. 
22. Decorate a cake.
         I haven't had a chance to bake in forever...it has been way too hot! 
23. Make a difficult recipe.
         I'll get it eventually
24. Send my OSU friends a letter/card once a month starting in September.
           I didn't do this, but I can always start this month! 
25. Start to Vlog again.
        I have mixed feelings on this. I ramble a lot on my vlogs. 

And now, for some pictures of my cute new Hot Topic swag!! Ignore the bad camera quality and my squinty eyes. I took them late last night on my cell phone, with a flash, being all awkward because I am bad at taking pictures by myself.

Trust me I'm a Geek. I'm thinking of pairing it with a blazer

I love infinity symbols!!

Cozy sweatshirt / awkward pose

Blogging goals I reached: 
1. Create a Media Kit
2. Comment on 3 blogs a day
3. Befriend 3 more bloggers
4. Participate in a giveaway
5. Co-host a link-up 
6. Write 4 more guest blogs
7. Get 1 guest blog post

8. Fix my blog layout (maybe purchase a new design)
9. More pictures!

Woo, I only need to fix my blog layout and create a media kit!! I'd like to continue these in October and add spreading more WQ awareness, and creating something to SELL for WQs. 

What are your October blogging goals? 

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  1. I need that sweatshirt. so cute.

  2. I'm only down like 18 books, elementary Megan would be apalled

  3. What the heck is a vlog?????
    tam@ spinstersnacks.com


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