Friday, October 18, 2013

All of the Parts

are falling into place and it reminds me of two falls ago when I was working hard to finish college. I made my "fall" album called "falling together" and I had no idea what I meant by that except to love fall...

and then Iman came right back into my life :)

First Date finally

On the 30th is our 2 year anniversary of our first official date. [All of the hangouts and Winter Formal just can't count]

I was actually planning on writing a post about the times when things fall together and the times when things are falling apart, but instead this is what we got.

I'll write that post next week :)

Oh, don't forget to check out the Blogger's Think Pink and join us on Monday for our 5 Little Grins link up!!

#BackthatAzzUp with our very first "song" back in high school. #fbf duh

Happy Friday!

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  1. Thank you!! So great to meet you, I'm heading over right now :)


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