Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Case You Missed It...

In case you missed any of my posts this week, you can find them here!

Sunday: I guest blogged over at 2 Teenage Girls about how the Warrior Queen movement started.
Monday: I posted about Chuck the Truck and all of the "fixes" he needs. Spoiler alert, he did not pass smog.
Tuesday: I shared the Workman Life with you
Wednesday: I wrote about changing our wedding venue, and pimped out our old one so someone could take our place, and I wrote about the Warrior Queen name on Just Jacq
Thursday: I turned the blog over to A Writer In Love and she shared about her gratitude journal
Friday: I decided to have a life and not blog. But one of my oldest best friends gave me some awesome Hot Topic swag that I'm planning on modeling on the blog next week [cause I'm cool like that]

AND, if you missed these amazing links on Facebook:

Awesome T-Shirt on Women in Politics
25 Things Every Woman Needs to Know
Wet Seal's First Down Syndrome Model
A letter For All Suicidal Teenagers
Bri breaks down the Government Shutdown
Sinead O'Connor's letter to Miley Cyrus
This amazing original Warrior Queen / Rosie the Riveter
Marvel has a new mentoring program for girls
Natalie Portman gets real about feminist movies

Hope you enjoy the reads!

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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:

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