Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last Week...

I love the idea of doing a weekly recap of my posts. I hope you guys had a great week. There is an exciting week ahead of us, including the start of The Five Little Grins Link Up hosted by myself, Cassandra at @ 2 Teenage Girls and Paulina @ Color Me Brave tomorrow!!!

But for now, let's look at the last week!

Sunday: I participated in a Sunday Social Bloghop with Christina @ Polka Dot Heart
Monday:  Read my hilarious post about all of the things I should do but don't. Spolier alert - I spend most of my time being a crazy cat lady. Also, check out my guest blog on A Writer in Love.
Tuesday: I updated my 25 by 25, not as far along as I'd hoped, but I'm okay with that. I got the best news and found out I get to be a computer lab instructor!! 
Wednesday: This wedding Wednesday I wrote about cutting your guest list down.
Thursday: Just Jacq guest posted about wearing the color blue!
Friday: Calling all bloggers wanting to give back! We're on the sponsor search for our next Bloggers Give Back Giveaway.

And for some fun here's my Insta Recap!

1. Iman and I love to rock our Eagles gear at Bdubs on Sundays // 2. I have an obsession with cats, so at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night I decided to take a pic of this cat. // 3. Sushi date with my dad and Iman at our favorite place! // 4. TBT to the one time I molested pooh bear as a kid // 5. My relationship with my father cracks me up. // 6. My regular from work turned dear friend happened to be at the same concert as I on Thursday! The Pretty Reckless // 7. Server notes make me so happy, and they totally dug my ring! // 8. My friends say the darndest things, but really the Santa Ana's worry me // 9. Monday morning coffee love // 10. My Luxe De Ville swag from my first ever sample sale. // 11. My bridesmaids and honorary bridesmaids came over yesterday to help me make the save the dates! Now we just have to send them.

Linking up with Pearls and Curls, of course! How was your weekend? 

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