Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When Girls Live Together

I'm pretty boring because I'm usually working like a fool to save money for our wedding. I also feel really guilty giving away a serving shift or telling someone I can't work for them. So, basically I work a lot. Not the 70 hr weeks I had for awhile, but still in the 50 hour range.

When I get home I'm pretty tired, and I always serve on Saturday nights so I don't go out too much. I love going out with friends, but I'm usually just a zombie. But last week on a Saturday I got off before 10 pm and was able to join Iman and his friends at a bar near our house. As I grooved in my room by myself getting all dolled up for the first time in forever, I realized something.

There are things that girls do when they live with other girls that you stop doing once you move in with someone of the opposite sex. I didn't notice that I stopped doing these things, nor is it bad that I did. Just different. But I thought it would make one hilarious blog post. So here we go..

1. Getting ready is almost more fun than going out.


2. Heart to hearts always happen in the bathroom, while someone is showering.

3. Blasting some Ke$ha or Britney Spears on your way to the bar.


4. Spa/facial time every week.


5. Sharing closets.


6. Midnight photoshoots for the heck of it.


7. Teen Mom.


8. Girl talk. All. The. Time.

Aaaand, this post took way longer than I thought It would because I got sucked into Buzzfeed and Meme searching.

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  1. I live with one of my friends from high school right now, but our work schedules are so all over the place that we hardly see each other. I lived with three girls in college and they were (and still are) some of my closest friends and I miss doing so many of these things with them! Living with girls is just so much fun.

  2. Aw, I hate when schedules are opposite!! I love living with my fiance - don't get me wrong - I just never realized that I don't do these things anymore that were such a staple in my life. Since high school, I've lived with roommates almost the majority of the time.


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