Saturday, October 26, 2013

This week...I set up my classroom!

AH! I have a classroom. I never would have thought this would be happening 6 months ago. I had a busy, busy week and I'm writing this on Friday night because I have a BUSY weekend. So let's talk about fun stuff, shall we?
"Norton" being the Anti-Virus software slowing down my lab :( 

Monday: Our 2nd 5 Little Grins had a little bit of a turn out and we are so excited for next week's. Starting my week out positive has really helped me prepare for the week. In case you didn't notice there are also THREE giveaways going on right now.

Tuesday: Christina @ Polka Dot Heart nominated me for a Sunshine Award!

Wednesday: I actually super loved this Wedding Wednesday post. I wrote about the unique purchases Iman and I are having at our wedding.

Thursday: Have you heard of Fresh and Easy because I'm sort of obsessed, oh and I'm being healthier. WIN!

Friday: Yesterday I wrote about my million jobs. That's actually a lot of jobs, really it has just been 17.

Today, I'm heading to a server meeting this morning (woohoo 7 a.m. bdubs meetings!) then my little munchkin's 2 year old birthday SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Hopefully she isn't sick on her birthday this year :(

 After we're bowling with my coworkers at Planet Bravo. Sort of like a reunion since I haven't seen them since camp...and Iman loves bowling so it will be fabulous!!

Sunday is, of course, football Sunday!!!! Then Sinister. I. Am. Terrified. But excited. Haunted.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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