Thursday, October 10, 2013

Just Jacq Guest Post: Blue Fashion

Today I've got a different post for you - a guest post! Also, the very first fashionable post to grace this blog. I don't write too many any because I am not fashionable. Didn't you read about how one of my goals is to accessorize and the works every day for a month? Luckily, I've got people like Jacquelyn who can give me affordable, easy and beautiful fashion advice. Enjoy!


Hi everyone! I'm Jacquelyn from justjacq where you can find me writing about all kinds of topics. One of the topics I write about is fashion where I post outfits and include links only to affordable, reasonable items from stores that I would actually shop in and that meet my budget. Every single piece in the outfit I'm wearing today was under $20. When my Grandmom was visiting recently she asked if I liked to wear a lot of blue. I kind of scoffed and said no. In the weeks since I realized I do actually wear a lot of blue. Sorry, Grandmom.


This cardigan and dress were both bought on sale from Target. Ever since I began really cutting down on my spending I refuse to buy anything full price at Target. not when things go on sale so often!


 I was wondering how I'd be able to continue wearing this dress as the weather cools down. Throwing on a cardigan is a perfect option. Later I'll add some tights and boots!


So back to the blue. One of my favorite looks is to wear multiple pieces in varieties of the same color. Adding my new bubble necklace from Bauble Bar is the perfect addition to the mint cardigan and flats from Old Navy I already owned.


What color have you been wearing a lot of lately? You can see more of my blue outfits here, here, here, and here! Be sure to come visit me! Blog, Bloglovin’, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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