Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Save the Dates

On Saturday we made the Save the Dates for my wedding!! 

Of course, something like this wouldn't be complete without me messing up in some way. I printed our Save the Dates with the wrong year! Apparently, I saved the file on my computer when we were supposed to get married on Saturday October 12, 2013. [The day we actually had craft time]. 

But don't worry because I am so used to making silly mistakes that I know the best way to fix them! Thus I bought some stamps and we made yellow "2014" cut outs. I think they actually made our Save the Dates look MUCH  more me. The colors really went together well.

My brother was so sweet and offered to help us. 

Us girls working hard cutting and stamping!

Don't worry there was lots of giggles!

The finished project!! :)  I'm leaving it sideways so it is sort of a surprise. 
I got the design and idea from Something Turquoise back when I first got engaged. I wanted something easy and crafty to do. Originally, I always wanted to do a photo strip but Iman's cousin did it just a few months ago. I loved our instagram stickers though. The stickers are from our engagement photoshoot, and the back of our shirts say 04.19.

We attempted a 5-way high five.

It looked like we were at a religious celebration though

We attempted to pose with my cat...

But my dog wanted in the picture too

Then my cat got tired of being held and decided to bail

So we tried again...and she bailed again 
Now, all I have left to do for the Save the Dates is to type up all of the addresses, print them, stick them on the envelopes, buy stamps and mail!!

I also bought a super cute stamp that says "I + R 4.19.13" inside of a heart with an arrow through it. I'm going to stamp that on the back of the envelopes.

I'm hoping to send them out next week!

How are your plans going?

Of course, I'm linking up with Kristyn and Mary for Wedding Wednesday!

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P.s. Stay tuned for a more artsy approach to the save the date making, with a break down of what we did in the future!

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  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I did the exact opposite with my STDs and invitations, and did them all myself. Although it would have been nice to have company, I wound up finishing them while watching tv, which made it a lot easier to get through than it would have otherwise.

  2. YAY save the dates! SO much fun, they look super cute

  3. Nice job on your Save the Dates! How sweet of your friends to help! Love the photos with your pets, too! haha love it! Where did you get that stamp? It's a great idea!!

  4. I got the stamp off of Etsy!

  5. haha Thank you!! I was stressing out at Michael's but figured it out. lol

  6. I am the worst at getting things done by myself so I knew I had to do it with friends!! I need to design my invitations on my computer and build my wedding website and I just keep procrastinating!

  7. Wow those save the dates are soo cute--I love the idea of the stickers to mark the date!

  8. Thanks! I just love it and I keep putting the extra stickers everywhere!


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