Monday, November 18, 2013

Carabox Reveal!!

Happy Monday!!

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Two posts on a Monday because I'm motivated! Also, I've been so, so excited to reveal my carabox from Sarah @ Crazy Beautiful Life.

Have you heard of the Carabox Exchange? If you haven't, head on over to Wifessionals and check it out!

This exchange I was matched with Sarah who sent me this wonderful gift box and Nilda @ Entirely My Own. Head on over to Nilda's blog to check out the gift I put together for her. I super loved putting it together with fall things!!

It was amazing getting to know these women.

Nilda is a fellow teacher in a warm state who got married over the summer. Her wedding pictures are GORGEOUS and we bonded over football and teaching. I could just tell getting to know her that she is an excellent teacher. I hope she loves the gift I put together for her.

When I met Sarah she was days away from getting married!! I loved hearing all about her wedding and, I seriously think that we're going to be friends for a very long time! She's just started a Scentsy business and social media consulting. She has such great things ahead of her!

She got me the best fall box ever!


Sorry for the bright living room...

She asked if I wanted to have some gifts specific to Kentucky and I said HECK YES! 

I love these mini bottles!! 

Candy in a Skull travel container!! I love it!!!! 

I also got a cute, delicious smelling candle. You can see it in one of those bright pictures. I was too excited to find a less bright area to take pictures -__-

This is going to be my last Carabox exchange for awhile because I have so much other stuff going on! It's wedding crunch time + amazing WQ stuff [find out more tomorrow!]

Have a wonderful Monday! Don't forget to link up -- and check out Creating A Beautiful Little Christmas!!

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 Creating a Beautiful Little Christmas.

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  1. this is an awesome idea. but you and i will have to chat. shoot me an email girl. love the gifts.

  2. Love that Kentucky inspiration!

  3. Amazing box! Especially the mini bottles of alcohol. Adorbs. I love Cara Box! Can't wait to see what you have in store for WQ!

  4. I loved it too!! Ah! I'm so excited, I hope you love it! I already have it written for tomorrow :)

  5. So jealous you always got such great partners.

  6. Aww, but we found each other without it!!


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