Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Meet Amanda + A Giveaway

Today, I also  want to introduce you to Amanda from Niescior's Notes! She's been hanging out at the bottom of all of my blog post and I've had so much fun getting to know her! I decided to go with my journalism roots and interview her!

Interesting Facts:

  • Amanda's from South Africa.
  • She started the Rancic Army - a year ago - for Giuliana Rancic! 
  • She is so supportive! 
  • She's the blogger behind Bloggers Think Pink. 

Why did you get into blogging?
I got into blogging because its a great way to relieve my brain of all the excess thoughts that are currently being stored there... LOL and also its a fun way to meet people :)

What are your favorite blogs to read? 
I do not have favorites... LOL I think it all depends on my mood and all that jazz... Sometimes I feel like I need a little fashion advice, other days I'll be keen to explore the adventures of the many expats that I've come to know!

What is your favorite "random act of kindness" to do? 
Buying extra food and giving it to someone who lives off the streets... 

When did you first start liking Giuliana Rancic and why? [I attended a party with her once! We didn't talk though]
I started liking Giuliana Rancic in August last year after I watched a massive Giuliana & Bill marathon during the course of the weekend! She is a great person (and she thinks I'm cool too! LOL! ) who has worked her butt off to be as successful as she is today and has overcome all the hurdles that have been placed in her path. Whether it be career oriented, personal or even medical - G is an inspiration to so many women and has helped many through difficult times!

Super jealous that you got to attend a party with her! She's the coolest person ever! I wanna party with Giuliana... Not fair! LOL

What is your favorite type of blogpost to write? 
Oooo... I don't think that I have a favorite blog post type as yet... I'm still very much all over the place and finding my feet - so still need to figure that on out...

What do you do in your spare time that isn't blogging or design related?
Sleep! :) I also read books and swim... Nothing exciting... LOL

Tell me more about your design company! 
I started ATN Design Services in January this year... Its something that I do for fun and consider it to be a hobby more than anything else... I offer design for blogs, websites and stationery - and then I also offer some social media profile management services!

What is your biggest passion?
My biggest passion is to move to the United States. I feel like I'm living in the wrong country. LOL - but on a serious note, I just want to be successful and figure out what it is that I'm actually supposed to be doing with my life :)

Check out some of my favorite posts from Amanda: 

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