Friday, November 22, 2013

Handwriting Analysis

A couple of weeks ago I saw that Amanda @ Niescior's Notes posted a handwriting analysis. A couple of days ago Christina @ Polka Dot Heart did one, too and now I'm joining in.

I'm not sure if I've told you but I'm a little bit obsessed with personality analysis. In high school I used to take all of the personality tests I could find online. I also wrote very detailed About Me's and Bulletin questionnaires because they are so fun. I love to read other people's answers, see their personalities and reflect my own!

Obviously I couldn't pass it up...

What my handwriting says about me:

Size: outgoing, people-oriented, outspoken, love attention [true]
Space: Can't stand to be alone, tend to crowd people and be intrusive [true]
Slant: Don't let your emotions get the best of you; logical and practical [eh, sometimes]
Shape: -- for this one, I literally did ALL of the shapes. Some rounded, some pointy and some connect. -- creative, artistic, aggressive, intense, very intelligent and curious, logical, systematic and make careful decisions [for the most part, I am all of these]
Cursive L: relaxed, spontaneous and self-expression comes easily to you  [yep!]
E space: open-minded and enjoy trying new experiences [yep!]
Dot the I: detail-oriented, organized, emphatic [more or less...]
Where the t crosses: confident, feel comfortable in own skin [yep!]
Length of t cross: determined, enthusiastic, stubborn, hard time letting go [I try to let go...]
O: private, introvert, limited to sharing personal feelings [nope!]
Cursive s: inquisitive and ambitious [yep!]
Write all over: can't sit still or relax [mmhmm]
Pressure: good with committment, high level of energy [definitely]
Speed: impatient, dislikes delays and time wasters [mmhmm]
Signature: confident, comfortable, hard to read / understand [the first half is legible and the last name is hard to read/understand]

For the most part, I think this was fairly accurate. It was hard to figure out my own handwriting. It would be cool to have someone actually take a look at it!! I'm a Gemini and androgynous, so I think it's pretty accurate that I fall on both ends of some things.

Have you ever analyzed your handwriting?
Check it out here!

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