Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's Already November! [Weekly Recap]

How is it already the 2nd weekend of November? Time sure does fly by! Are you enjoying every day? I know I am trying my best!

Here you can find links of all of the corners of the internet you can find me in this week - I was a little busy ;)

Monday: 5 Little Grins has been live for a month! I am so grateful for everyone linking up. This is one of my favorite ways to start my week! I also shared Lesley @ By The Porchlight's Bloggers Give Back Giveaway! I won the first one, and we're excited to be doing a second. Enter to win here.

Tuesday: I spotlighted our October sponsor - Kara @ Kieran Honeybee. Check her blog out! You could also find me over at DIY Bride begging someone to take my wedding venue [still!] and Mal Smiles writing about the 10 Things I Love About The Ohio State University!

Wednesday: Flashback to Winter Formal 2007 and our first kiss...cue the sap!

Thursday: Elizabeth from Army Ever After took over to share some delicious Apple Crotatas, which I might have to bake this weekend!!! I guest posted on her blog here

Friday: Have you heard of Crown of Beauty? I review this magazine and remind everyone they are beautiful! I also got to meet my very first Blog friend in REAL LIFE [who just happens to be my blog bestie, win win win!]!  I just love Megalin @ My Random Lovelies!!

What did you do this week?

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