Friday, November 8, 2013

Crown of Beauty Magazine [Review]

Good morning Friday!!

I am so excited to have a day off with endless opportunities ahead of me...I am not going to lie though, I think of my pre-6 a.m. morning drives to work as one of the most serene times of my day. It is just wonderful to wake up and start my day off so beautifully and peacefully.

Speaking of peace and serenity, I wanted to introduce you all to a new online Christian magazine, Crown of Beauty. Last Friday Livy, the founder, published their first issue on beauty and fashion. She contacted me to write a little bit about it and I could not be more excited to share with you my thoughts.

The Warrior Queen movement is a non-religious, non-partisan movement. I preach love and self-worth and grace and people. I believe in people. You may have heard me say that love is my religion. I truly believe in the beauty of love between people. The "how" we were created bit might be a little fuzzy to me - I will never know and only have what I believe - but I do believe in something and I don't believe that we should ever close ourselves off to an idea because the religion or belief structure may be different than mine.

When Livy contacted me, I gushed to my best friend - an active Christian - how excited I was to share this Christian magazine with my readers. Like me, Livy wants women and girls to believe in their true beauty and in their self-worth. She uses the word of God to show girls this.

The very first issue of Crown of Beauty is full of important ideals and ways to be media literate. The articles cover topics like modesty, fashion, being a role model and struggling with self-worth. These words and stories shared are beautiful and I believe that anyone can identify with these stories. Even if you are not religious or are unsure about religion, read it and feel the beauty of the words and the support of these sisters. The issue is only $4.99, and you'll receive the bonus fashion guide!

We are all on the same planet, we may choose to take different paths, but we are all facing a new day each day, why not start those days with positivity, love and self-worth?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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