Saturday, November 2, 2013

While I'm enjoying the coastal drive...

I love doing a weekly recap/round up of my blog posts. Sometimes I feel like I am all over the place in a week and forget to tell you when I'm guest posting, etc. I'm going to get better at my blog promotion, I promise!

Can we pause for a minute and LOVE the fact that I posted almost every single day this month! Finally on the blog train :) Woo Woo!

Anyway, I'd love to show you've what I've done this week!

Monday: Week 3 of the 5 Little Grins link up! It still isn't too late for this week - OR join us on Monday!! I also am cohosting a giveaway with Just Jacq! Don't forget to enter!

Tuesday: Are you a teacher? Super into writing? I shared my DIY Lesson Plan book and the link to join National Novel Writing Month! Join me in my quest to write 50,000 words in the month of November...or just cheer me on!

Wednesday: Instead of a Wedding Wednesday, I co-hosted Wild Card Wednesday and wrote a post about my post exchange and Liebster Award from Stefanie @ Husak Household.

Thursday: I had a Halloween Revelation about Superheros (while dressed in my Wonder Woman costume!)

Friday: I started my novel! :)

I'm writing this on Thursday because my weekend is going to be pretty craze-A. [Roadtrip to the Raiders v. Eagles game for our anniversary!] I hope your weekend and Halloween are/were fantastical!!

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  1. Congratulations on starting your novel!!! I had a question about the Liebster award... did you find 11 random bloggers? Ones that you had never commented on before? I am so excited about this and of course nervous!!!

  2. Also, to start it... do you have to be nominated? That maybe a silly question!

  3. Technically, they are usually tagged at the bottom but since I did a post last week tagging people I didn't tag anyone and left it open for everyone! I nominate you :) I am excited to get to know you. I usually tag 11 bloggers that I read (and might even know) but who have under 200 followers!

  4. O perfect!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I will do that soon then!


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