Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week-end Round Up

So, I've been busy this week. Have you?

If you've been too busy to catch all of my blogs, don't worry because I've put them all in this one little place for you! Bonus! I found some cute quotes this week [told ya I was busy!!]

Monday: Week 6 of the 5 Little Grins link up! Have you been participating?? It's a great way to start your week! I also did a Carabox Reveal that day! You have to check out what Sarah from @ Crazy Beautiful Life gifted me :)

Tuesday: I revealed that Paulina @ Color Me Brave and I are going to start selling swag!! Please give us your opinion!

Wednesday: Ah, Tuesday was 2 years with my tall man, and 1 year since he proposed. Read all about our cute little love story :)

Thursday: I'm throwin' it back with this old blog post. An all-time favorite of mine!

Friday: Things got a little bit silly and a little bit deep with this handwriting personality analysis!

Today I am doing my very first Color Run with my mom, brother and Iman. I hope we remember to take a ton of pictures so I can share them on Monday!!

Afterward, I'll be doing some baby shower planning...I know, that's a TON of baby showers. They're all for boys, too - isn't that crazy?

I think you all will love my sister from another mister's new Etsy shop. I've known this girl since 3rd or 4th grade and she makes the cutest stuff! Bonus, she's also a Disney Princess. I'm hoping to give her more facetime on the blog soon...

I've always loved Iggy Pop...but now..AHHH :)

This is me, so I'm pretty sure I need to read this book

Seriously story of my life...
Have a great one!
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  1. Awww happy anniversary to you guys :)

  2. hey chick. looks like you're busy during the week. I need to come up with daily post to do like some blogs do. come check me out. hope you're better now. have a great sunday.


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