Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Our Proposal

Today marks 366 days since Iman proposed. :)

Big Bear, CA

Yesterday we celebrated our two year dating anniversary and one year engagement anniversary. I want to share our little proposal story with you. It's part really funny and many parts romantic. I, of course, tried to ruin it the whole time without knowing it. I'm a ruiner of romantic plans because I am so awkward and ridiculous...

Engagement Party Dec 2012

After almost a year of officially dating and letting my wall down, I finally answered Iman's requests to "maybe, someday get married." It was shocking that it took him less than a year because I'm the girl who always has her running shoes on, including the beginning of our relationship. When I agreed to be official, I had already decided we would have a someday. That someday was going to come in the distant future, though. I was happy with where our life was going.

To infinity...and beyond

In September, I agreed to the tattoos. His first real sign that I was getting ready. It wasn't much of a shock in October when he sent me pictures of rings. In fact, it was a giddy shock. I think I squealed at work. A few weeks later he surprise took me to pick out rings...

Iman's got mad photography skills

I knew that we couldn't afford that ring though. I knew that our someday was coming quick, but I didn't expect it for our anniversary weekend. I almost expected it, but then forgot as we traveled up to Big Bear. I was just excited that we were going on a romantic getaway at a very low cost. [Thanks, Grandma Nita for the timeshare!]

He's just so cute and unsuspecting! 

Our first morning up there was glorious and we were excited to go on a hike. I love hiking but I'm probably one of the worst hikers ever. Of course, I stayed true to that...

After breakfast, we scoped out the perfect hiking place. Iman was being weird with his jacket and seemed distracted. He wanted our hike to be perfect! I, of course, was oblivious to this. If I had remembered that I thought he was going to propose the jacket thing might have signaled some alarms...but I was just blissfully excited to go hiking in the glorious weather.

Eventually, we decided to hike to the highest peak where we could see all of Big Bear Lake. Coincidentally, the path was one where people who hike cross country walk on. That was way cool. We were silly for the first part. Laughing and playing and taking a million pictures. We met some people.

I kept my complaining to a minimum, compared to usual. I just kept saying "This has to be the highest point! We're here. I'm tired." Iman just kept telling me it would be worth it. Fine. The view will be beautiful, of course it will be worth it.

So up we went...up, up, up.

He was right, though. It was gorgeous all the way up there. Just the two of us. We took a ton of pictures :)

I was standing on a bench so I could be as tall as him and after a few minutes I jumped down...

"Ready?" he asked me.

I turned to grab our jackets and prepare for the easy descent...

As I turned around, I panicked. My tall man was NOT taller than me. I seriously thought he was falling down the mountain and started to say so before realizing what was happening [which, in retrospect is funny, since I was falling when we had our first kiss...]

"Will you spend the rest of your life with me?"

"OMG! You're so cute!!" I said as I rushed closer to him and grabbed his face.

"Yes, yes of course!"


Excited face!!

My little heart was exploding and I didn't really know what to do with my hands...


Then, as we turned to go back down the mountain, he told me I had the whole hike back to call people. After that, was our time.

So I called my mom. She told me she loved the ring...SINCE she had already seen it a week before!
Then I called my dad...and his whole office shouted Congratulations!! Of course, Iman had told him!

Then I called aunt nik...all of the besties.

I left the funniest message for my cousin ever "Hey, it's Raewyn. I wish you would pick up your phone because I'm going to need a hair stylist for my wedding. Give me a call back.Love youu"

Clearly I didn't know...I would have had my nails done! 

Then we got drunk at one of the restaurants and I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon nap before I cooked us pasta and we watched some movies.

AH! I can't believe that was a year ago :)

I want to hear your engagement story!!
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  1. okay so cute! I love engagement stories! When I opened the door to see Billy on one knee I screamed "Shut the F#$@ !"up and closed the door haha

  2. OMGOSH I love this response! Was he freaking out?

  3. So so so cute! I love proposal stories. So sweet!

  4. Aww what a cute story!! And OMG I love the ring! I love that you didn't get your nails done, because you didn't expect the proposal! Very cute and funny! Congrats! The infinity tattoos are amazing too. I loved that this was his sign to know you were ready!
    I was with my fiance for 8 years and the whole time just really didn't want to talk about Then I saw a ring in the window at the mall, and I told him I just wanted the bling. lol Now 10 years later I think I'm ready...I hope :)
    xoxo, Jess

  5. Oh my gosh that ring is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a fun story :-)

  6. TOO FREAKING CUTE! but pissed you never told me all these fun details only ever the boring ones.

  7. :( Sorry!!! I didn't want to make you sad

  8. This is so cute! I love love & everyone seems to be sharing engagement stories lately!!

  9. ahh thank you!! I love love, too!!!

  10. This is so fabulous! I love your excited face picture!!!! I did a post about our engagement last week! Congratulations on your second anniversary!

  11. Aww thank you!!!!

    I am going to go read your engagement story right now!! :)

  12. ahhhh I freaking love it! You are too stinking cute! I giggled at my desk at your "hands" picture. Too funny!

  13. haha thank you!!! :) I never know what to do with my hands, it's a running joke in our family. Everyone yells "HANDS ON THE TABLE" because I'm like Will Smith in Talladega Nights.

  14. hahaha that's my favorite line from that movie!

  15. This is such a cute story! I love the tattoos !

  16. :)) thank you so much!!! I love our tattoos, too :)


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