Friday, November 15, 2013

Creating a Beautiful Little Christmas

Good morning! Have you started thinking about Christmas? I'm one of those "fly by the seat of your pants" Christmas people. It's not uncommon for me to get gifts on Christmas Eve. Last year, I learned my lesson when my father went into the hospital a few days before Christmas and stayed until New Years Eve. I was so unprepared that I almost didn't finish all of my holiday gift getting and almost missed a party or two. 

Luckily, Teri Ahlm from A Beautiful Life has created an e-book called Creating a Beautiful Little Christmas. I just finished it and I loved it! I'm planning on flipping back through it as I begin to feel stressed for the holidays. She's shared this teaser with us: 

Staying out of the shopping trap


staying out of the shopping trap

This is the first post in a series to help you create a beautiful little Christmas for you and your family this year - and with the black friday ads already being leaked and Oprah's "Favorite Things" all over the news I thought I'd start with a post about shopping during the holiday season.

I saw an article yesterday on how to stay safe on black friday. Meaning how to not get trampled to death at WalMart and how to not get mugged walking from your car to the mall. Merry Christmas! Really?

Quick - grab a piece of paper and a pen. At the top of the paper, write "2012" and draw a line under it. Now try to list the Christmas presents that you bought last year and who they were for. Ready? GO!

Granted, I have a TERRIBLE memory, but I'm embarrassed to say that I could only remember a few things. The gifts that I remember are the ones that I knew were the perfect gifts...a telescope for my oldest son that I spent hours researching to find an affordable one that wasn't junk...a bigger computer monitor for my younger son that is a gamer.

The small things - the "fill-in" gifts that I thought were so important - well let's just say that I could have passed. There's the game that hasn't been played, the tie clip that hasn't been worn... good ideas in theory but not necessary. 
The Four Gift Rule
I like the idea of 4 gifts - 1 that they want, 1 that they need, 1 thing to wear and 1 thing to read. It may require a bit of customization for the guys that are in desperate need of clothes (all 3 of them) but overall, I think I'll be better off this year skipping all of those little things and focus on the things that will mean the most.

I know that the research will take a good bit of time, but think of all the time I'll save shopping this year - not to mention the money! And on black friday, I'm sleeping in!

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. For every e-book purchased I will receive commission. 

 Creating a Beautiful Little Christmas.

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  1. I only first heard of this four gift rule a few days ago and now I haven't stopped hearing of it since! It's such a good little rule that I will keep it in mind next year (too late for this year)!

  2. The 4 gifts deal sounds like a good thing. My gma (my dad's mom) has always done 12 days of christmas for us. we open a gift from dec 14 to Christmas day. It's fun. She's done it for years for all of us. plus gave us more stuff on cmas eve. sad thing is this year will be the 2nd christmas without my mom's mom. and a cousin of mine has made it where every year we will wrap her candle stuff that she had and give that as gifts to the grand kids. which is fun.

  3. do you have a button i can add to my blog page.

  4. hey there. come join my blog hop and share with your friends. thanks. Have a great weekend.

  5. That's so awesome!!!! I'm sorry that it is your second Christmas without your grandma :(


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