Saturday, November 16, 2013

What a Short Week!

Woah! It's already Saturday! How did that happen?

I only worked 3 days after a 4 day weekend, so forgive me for feeling like this past week went by way too quick! In typical fashion, here you can find all of my posts from the week in one spot! I'm on my way to a baby shower today, pics to follow!!

Monday: I'm still thanking all of those Veterans who have fought so hard for our country. I'm happy to say I didn't see any political posts on this day! I also told you all about my five little grins.

Tuesday: Cassie from 2 Teenage Girls guest posted one of my favorite posts I've read so far! This girl is amazing!

Wednesday: Bet you didn't think I would join a pole dancing studio? Read about my new-found love for this dance class.

Thursday: Let's get real for a second and talk about my anxiety.

Friday: I was super excited to be approached to read Creating a Beautiful Little Christmas and share the book with you all! If you want to get your copy, click here.

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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:

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