Monday, August 19, 2013

25 Before 25

On Mondays I like to post lists. It makes me feel more organized in my week, plus it's a fun way to get through a dreary Monday. Over the weekend I saw Paulina @ Color Me Brave 's post with her list of 24 before 24. Twenty-four things to do before she turns 24. Well, since it's only 2 months after my 25th birthday, I think I still have enough time to do a 25 before 25!

This was a LOT harder than I thought it would be, but I love that it made me sit down and think about my goals. I also didn't want anything to be wedding related, because that is a given. So here it is. I'm going to update my progress monthly, hopefully. Which leads me to the notion that I have to update my blog goals! I didn't do that for August, but maybe I will just do a 1/2 through August - October thing. Every 6 weeks?

1. Keep my room clean every day. This has been a goal since childhood -__-
2. Create and keep a Bedtime Routine. 
3. Do a 30-day Challenge.
4. Read 25 books. 1 down!
5. Blog 10-15 x a month.
6. Become confident in my design ability.
7. Make healthier eating habits - don't eat take out for 1 month. 
8. Jog 5 miles without stopping.
9. Take my quad up China Wall. This ties in with wanting to go to Glamis more.
10. Donate Blood. This is a big deal as I am afraid of blood / entering the Red Cross buildings
11. Give Chuck some TLC. Most notably - attempt to have $$ to fix exhaust leak, definitely at least replace the Roll Cage Cushion and put in the regular seat belts, detail the inside
12. Find something for Iman and I to do together regularly (i.e. cooking class or a team)
13. Wear an "outfit" to work every day for a month. Including accessories and makeup
14. Sell something for WQ
15. Cook dinner every day for 2 weeks
16. Meet a blog friend in real life. Megalin??
17. Organize my stuff in the garage / storage unit. 
18. Go Paintballing. We have already purchased 2 packages...we just haven't used any.
19. See a meteor shower with Iman
20. Ride in the Great Orange Balloon.
21. Learn to cook on the Weber
22. Decorate a cake.
23. Make a difficult recipe.
24. Send my OSU friends a letter/card once a month starting in September.
25. Start to Vlog again.

What is on your list of goals for the year?

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