Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Scents

FIRST THINGS FIRST! :) Today I had my very first WQ post on another blog. I am so so ecstatic to introduce you guys to Paulina. Head on over to Color Me Brave today where she writes about the ways she is a Warrior Queen!!! Let me know if you want a bracelet like hers :)


I'm not sure that scent is something that is usually considered at a wedding, especially with all of the other major details. Most weddings have a bunch of flowers that have fragrances. I'm not big on flowers at weddings. Like at all.

I think they are super pretty, but I'm more minimalist, and in my budget, flowers are definitely what I decided to spend less on. We'll be doing centerpieces with single yellow flowers, not bouquets. You'll see what I mean, eventually.

But! There are still going to be smells at a wedding. People are going to  be dancing, there's going to be food, drink, etc. I never really thought of that. Iman's aunt did though.

His cousin sells Scentsy and when his aunt first brought up using Scentsy at the wedding I was extremely skeptical. It was my very first time ever hearing about Scentsy or warmers [apparently, I lived in the dark ages of candles]. Plus it seemed like a frivolous expense! For some reason I also thought we couldn't have candles at the venue, so I was kind of in on the idea.

But she kept talking to me about it. She's a good saleswoman, let me tell you! I ended up going home with one of her warmers to borrow and 3 scents to ponder. Happy Go Lucky, an beach cabana type one, and a a mellow "night" time scent.

Apparently, my mom also got a warmer from her Carabox that month, soo we were set to try out these scents. I absolutely love Happy Go Lucky and can see it as the "scent" of my wedding. Maybe I'm being silly by having a scent, but I like the idea.

Luckily for me, I will just have to buy the bars because Iman's aunts and cousins have a bunch of Scentsy warmers, as does one of my bridesmaids. YAY!!

Then, when I got my Carabox on Monday, Stefanie had included a car Scentsy, and a travel tin. I'm slowly becoming obsessed, I think.

Do you have a "scent" for your wedding?

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  1. Interesting! I never really thought about it! Hmmm I might need to check out Scentsy! Thanks for sharing and for linking up! :)

  2. It's easy to get hooked! :) This is where my business started...first it was liking the product then loving then I couldn't live without it and I signed up. Now I have almost 30 girls signed up under me. Welcome to the madness. I love the idea of a scent at your wedding. We talked about doing warmers as centerpieces since I sell it but ran into issues with having enough outlets. Let me know if you decide to do it. I would love to know how it turns out. Happy Go Lucky is a great scent and very fitting for you!!!

  3. What a cute idea! They smell great, too. I have one in my house and it's pretty much burning all weekend long. I bet your guests will immediately tie the smell with you guys for a long time!


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