Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Columbus Eats

I'm not sure if you saw on the FB page yesterday, but I was swamped. Technically, I'm swamped today but I'm sneaking in this goodness because I can't miss another day of my awesome OHIO STATE WEEK that I have planned.

Okay, so if you're not an Ohio State fan, I accept your lack of reading my blog for the next week. But I am way too excited, and it will be fun Ohio State stuff, I swear. Plus I will still have Wedding Wednesday and you guys probably aren't as excited about college football as I am...but I am.

Without further ado...my favorite Ohio State / Columbus FOOD. Some of which you can get outside of the good ole OH

OSU Food Gone National

Buffalo Wild Wings -- I loved this place so much I now work there.
Delicious -- especially if you want to watch the game, stuff your face with wings, and have an awesome environment!!


BONUS FACT: Jim and Scott's first Bdubs was at the Ohio State Campus, it has since been moved to Lane, but I still say that I've been to the original, because I've stood in the spot where the original was, before campus expanded.

Charley’s Subs -- My favorite place to get fries before I even attended OSU.
I had no idea that this place was from Ohio. I had only ever seen it at the Food Court at our outdoor mall. But man were their cheddar bacon fries perfect.


BONUS FACT: The original was started as a class project, across the street from OSU and it is still there today! I spent many a lunch there.

Raising Cane's -- I think it was my happiest food day when I saw it open in Vegas.
The chicken just falls apart, deliciously moist and the Cane Sauce!! We've had recipes, but I've yet to try it.


BONUS FACT: Whenever I flew home, In N Out and/or Tommy's was always my first meal, whenever I came back to Ohio my roommate would have Cane's waiting for me. Oh Cupcake, you were just the best!

Drunk Food 

Buckeye Donuts -- (Open 24/7, 365) There's always a line down High Street for Donuts or gyros


PJs -- OH MY GOD. Seriously, only open to serve you drunk food.

These sandwiches have things that you never thought to put in a sandwich together, but are absolutely perfect for your drunk food cravings.


Fancy Shmancy Restaurants 

Eddie George’s -- The football restaurant.
I only went once, and don't really remember the food, but I just love the decor, structure and idea behind it. WOO FOOTBALL.


El Vaquero - My little slice of Mexican Heaven

Seriously was obsessed with this place. I had to leave campus to get it, but I was always begging someone to take me there. REAL MEXICAN FOOD. I mean real! I had chorizo. That's a big deal, guys.


On Campus Couldn't Live Without

Oxley's By The Numbers -- A little coffee shop that had parfaits which I ate. Often. Plus it was our on campus bagel shop / coffee shop and it was the closest to my dorm. MM I want a Buckeye Parfait now!

Where are your favorite places to eat in your college town?

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