Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Letters + Backthatazzup

Dear Nissan, Why you gotta do me like that? I've worked in the automotive industry for the past year including the service department of a dealership and a bodyshop..I know that you're supposed to replace the part on warranty work - not just "fix" it. So you'll be getting a phone call for me reimbursement for this part failure twice in less than a year on a 2012 model. Oh, and I got the part at cost price, but you're going to think I paid list.

Dear Co-Workers, Thank you for being so good to me and taking care of my beloved car when it breaks. Thanks for giving me the part at cost bossman!

Dear Bee, It's time you get a blog again so I can read about your life. El Toro Journalism Cult 4 Life.

Dear Hobby Lobby, thank you for finally opening one up near me! Now I can know what the buzz is all about...see you tomorrow!

Dear best friends, I am so excited about all of your excited things! Babies and careers and engagements OH MY!

Dear Fiance, you're the best best for bringing me coffee and taking care of me on your day off, and for making sure my car is okay, oh and  every other little thing you do!

And, because this is a completely unproductive post since I've written a post every day this week (CONGRATULATE ME!), I will do my very first #backthatazzup

Freaking obsessed and I am not usually a country girl.
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  1. Backing up my ass up onto your blog today.. and I can totally relate to disliking car issues! I'm so thankful that my fiance can fix my car for me. He just spent ALL last Sunday fixing so many things and then the motor on my driver's side window goes out. Never a dull moment. Have a great weekend.


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