Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things You Should Know

I'm not going to lie, I'm excited about this one guys. I know I've mentioned it a few times but I used to be am obsessed with doing getting to know you surveys. I did them on my Xanga. I did them on Myspace Bulletins [sometimes I would have to stop myself because I did too many in one day] and, when it was acceptable, to do Facebook Notes I would do them and tag all of my best friends. It's not that I like to talk about myself all the time, it's more that I like to see the questions and answer them in weird ways. I think I will throw in a throwback and post one of my old ones. :P

If you could see any artist/band live which would you choose?

High Fiving Pat at my FIRST Train concert
Can I pick a festival that is put together with bands of my choosing? I think it would be a phenomenal line up and I'm not sure WHY it hasn't happened yet. 

1. Christina Perri
2. Ingrid Michaelson
3. Sarah Barielles
4. Train
5. Matt Nathanson
6. Jason Mraz

p.s. CP and Train are phenomenal in concert.

My first Train concert [I've gone to 2]
p.s. that was a really good hair day. I miss my long hair, those perfect bangs, and that color!!

 Which blog are you in love with that you only found out about recently?

First off, I want to admit something to you all. I'm trying really hard over here to keep up with all of the fun blogs I love. I've been working 60 hour weeks and posting everyday has been a challenge. But it's a challenge I've been trying to meet head on. Instead of spending all of my time reading blogs, I've been spending my time writing blogs and researching and growing friendships with a few bloggers who have reached out to me. BUT I know my schedule will lessen soon [because then I will be back to my usual 2 jobs] and then I can devote my time to my loves!!

With that being said, I just discovered Be So Happy yesterday and I'm experiencing a hcore blogcrush. 

What hobbies do you have that we don't know about?

I like to sing Karaoke, which makes sense because I have a really loud personality. Actually I'm pretty shy when it comes to singing. It probably has something to do with the fact that I will sing ALL the time but when I was younger my best friends would say "Who sings that?" and I'd tell them and they'd respond with "Keep it that way." This made me think I was bad at singing and thus terrified to ever do karaoke. 

Fast forward to 2010 when the owner of my restaurant made me be the first person ever to sing karaoke at our restaurant. Then it was fun. AND THEN my friend suggested I sing Cherry Bomb. The rest is history. It is requested that I sing it every week - regardless if I'm working or not - and then everyone always stares at me like "How in the world did that come out of that sweet little girl?" mwahaha. 

If money wasn't a problem.. what would be your dream destination?

I used to think Australia [Aussieland]. But then I decided that it's just so far away and I wouldn't want to go in the Outback so really I would just be going to another city. Unlike other places, there would probably be people there who had my name. That's not cool! 

So now I've decided that I would love to go to the Caribbean. I'm talking about a bunch of little islands like Antigua. We might get to do this for our Honeymoon!!

If you could meet any blogger in person, who would you pick?

All of my new blogging friends!!! But specifically Megalin because, hello, we actually know the same people. Also, one time we had a 3 hour phone conversation. So I know we could talk and hang. 

What's something we may not know about you?

You might not know thaaat I have really weird allergies. Here's the list!

Aloe Vera.
Blueberries. Blackberries. Boysenberries [really, it used to be anything blue that I could eat...]

Please, tell me all about how my life is cursed by these allergies. #NoFruitPlatters #ItSucksWhenImSunburned


Here's my old survey! [in case you were interested in my not-so-interesting life]

What does your last text say? 
i know it's so young and cute...blahhh

What color is your favorite skittle? 
the crazy core orange one =]

What do you catch yourself daydreaming about? 
my magazineee :)

Is your hair up or down right now? 

Last person who took your pants off? 

You're thinking about someone, aren't you? 

Last thing you said out loud? 
i don't know this song  

Do you know anyone that smokes? 
gross. like all of lazy dog.

what was the last thing you drank? 
water...wait am i sick?!

Are you a good listener? 
yes :)

Can people usually tell when you're joking? 
it really depends on how see through i am that day

Is the shirt you're wearing dirty? 
no, why would i be wearing a dirty shirt?!
also, i'm wearing footies

What color are your eyes? 
brown with some grass

Who was your first boyfriend? 
real boyfriend: theiler de palma. ooh gotta love him

About how many hours of sleep did you get last night? 
two to three :(

What are you doing right now? 
obvi not the homework reading i should be doing or the sleeping that i need

Do you wish anyone in particular was still in your life? 
yes, but i;m glad he's not in pain anymore =]

Who sung the song you last listened to? 
sugarcult <3 p="">

What's the weather like outside? 

Is there anyone you couldn't go a day without talking to? 
yes :)

Did you sing at all today? 
of course!!!  

What is your current desktop picture? 
molly and my hands :)

Are you currently wanting any piercings or tattoos? 
tattooo!!  and my other nose.

Last time you swam in a pool? 
hmm. summmerr?

you could have something right now, what would it be? 
someone paying rent on a house for rachie and i in moorpark :)

When will your next kiss take place? 
when i see a cute boy and i want to kiss him, probably tomorrow night :)

When you're getting ready for something, do you listen to music? 
mostly always 

When you're single is it alright to kiss random boys/girls? 
no, you're never allowed to kiss anyone ever.

Which do you prefer - eyes or lips? 
lips :) :) 

What were you doing at 11:59 PM on Monday night? 
hanging with rachie?

Did you sleep alone last night? 
yes :(

Would you rather have your nose or tongue pierced? 
i like my nose, both of them 

Name something you dislike about the day you're having? 
i didnt sleeep

Do you have a Twitter account? 
yeaaa katy made me obsessedd 

Have you ever looked at the stars with someone? 

Can you answer all of these questions without saying "I don't know"? 

How's your heart lately? 
fantastical :)

Do you think things will change in the next few months? 
i know things will change tomorrow

Were you single on your last birthday? 

Have you cried in the last week? 
negative nancy

Do you think anyone has feelings for you? 
i know it :)

How many people can you trust with just about everything? 
very few?

How was your night last night? 
it was interesting?

What time did you go to bed last night? 
four - five

Do you currently have a hickey, if so where? 

Will you regret your next kiss? 
i never regret them -]

You never know what you got until you lose it? True or false? 
so true. but then you forget about it until you remember WAIT i used to have this favorite pair of shoes, where are they?

You slept in your own bed last night , didn't you? 
yes :( lol

Are you slowly drifting away from someone close? 

How many drugs have you done in the last three days? 
none lol 

Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you? 

What are you going to do after this survey? 
read that chapter? pass out?

Are you one of those people who are always cold? 
YESS haha i hate it 

Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? 

Has anyone disappointed/upset you recently? 
nopee :) :)

Would you ever dye your hair blonde? 

Did you mean it when you said "I love you" last? 
with all of my heart :)

Is your birthday in less than 6 months? 
yes! yuck. i'm gonna be 22

Are you one of those Twilight crazy people? 
How many people have the ability to hurt you emotionally? 
anyone i care about 

Will you be in a relationship in the next couple months? 
i don't know! :)

Do you cry easily? 
yeah, at commercials. haha

How are you feeling right now? 
snuggly :)

Do you wish you could take one thing back? 
actually, yes. one line in a letter. though i suppose it was for the best, just makes shit complicated now.

Is there a guy who knows everything or almost everything about you? 
yah, best fucking friend

Would you kill someone you hate for a billion dollars? 
no......though a billiion dollars WOULD be nice

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  1. I'd choose you too!

    do I answer these questions? lol

  2. Haha I love this! I used to be totally obsessed with those MySpace bulletins!! I'm definitely doing a follow up post to this :-D


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