Thursday, August 8, 2013

Heck yes! Looking for Guest Bloggers

This isn't a super post per se, besides to mention how incredibly busy I am with work today! Heck yes, I happen to be working 8-5, rushing over in So Cal traffic to my second job at 5:45 to close the dining room.

Heck yes, I'm reliving the old days when I did this on the reg.

Heck yes, I'm looking for guest bloggers to join me in writing and maybe even swap guest blogs. I put it  on Passionfruit, but let's be real: I'm always down to work something out. A swap of guest blogs, a shout out, etc, I just like to share YOU guys.

Heck yes, When I started WQ I was looking for a community of posters and magazine writers sooo guest blogging is perfect-o.

Heck yes, this post doesn't make much sense.


For the record, Guest blogs will post on Thursdays :)

 photo name.jpg

P.s. Clearly, I need sleep.

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