Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Megalin!

Today I had planned on writing about rekindling friendships, but I believe I've written about that lately, and besides it's my blog BFF's BIRTHDAY! Therefore this post will be about Megalin - an awesome friend I met through blogging and who is a fantastic Warrior Queen!

We met through the Carabox exchange a few months ago - right before my birthday! 
Through chatting  we found out that we both have tattoos, drove 1988 pick up trucks in high school, have mutual friends [as So Cal girls] and love to read. 
Check out her awesome blog, My Random Lovelies, where she talks about her life as an army wife in far away land [I can't wait for her to come home so we can meet in person!]. She has the cuuuutest hedgehogs and entertaining posts. Go now!
Happy, happy birthday, my dear friend!!

 photo name.jpg

P.s. For those of you in So Cal - I'm doing Run or Dye OC in November and I have a coupon code for you!
1) Head over to http://www.runordye.com/register/Orange-County-20132) Check out and use coupon code LETSDYEFRIENDS to take $5 off registration3) RACE THE RAINBOW with me on November 23


  1. I love Megalin! She's awesome. The only person I know, besides me, who has a hedgehog.


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