Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ohio State Carabox Wedding Wednesday

Well, if you can't tell, I attempted to craft all of the info that I want to put into one post [because I'm not cool enough to separate it] into one title. In one corner we'll have my love for Ohio State (highlighted in an image or two), in another corner my fabulous Carabox Reveal aaaand as the referee we'll bring in a little neutral Wedding Wednesday :P

My mind is delirious by the way, so that introduction might not make sense. If you follow me on Twitter or Insta you know how bad I am at sleeping and how good I am at working...

I want to start with my Carabox Reveal because I must say how absolutely THRILLED I am to have made friends with these two girls. I was matched with Jessica @ Champagne and Bliss [oh em gee, she lives in OHIO!!]. I sent her a box which I hope she absolutely loves. Go take a look at her reveal ;)

I was also matched with Bri @ Faithful Footprints who has had one rollercoaster of a month but has still managed to send me endless emails and get me the cutest gift box. Hang in there girl!!

Wait a second...did you say you don't know what a Carabox is? Well head on over to Wifessionals to find out. Things are changing for the next Carabox exchange and I am super excited about these changes.

This month's theme was all about ourselves as individuals. We were matched with someone in our age group / life cycle. I chose the group that was married, since I'm engaged and have been living with Iman for over a year now. WOAH.

Bri truly found the most perfect things for me - and I love her little note explaining it all [but not as much as the letter about our friendship!]

First, I saw some chapstick! I seriously cannot have enough of this stuff.

The next thing I opened were muffin mixes! Somehow she had my two favorite muffin flavors....aaand Frosting CREATIONS. Oh em gee, I have been wanting to try these for months, but haven't had any funds for the baking stockpile. [Probably the only thing I stockpile...]

Then some post it notes and fun pens. The office supply store is my heaven...and InkJoy happens to be my favorite pen. Everyone in the office knows that if they see an InkJoy on their desk they better return it to me!

A red mug [for my favorite color...also Ohio State's color...I'm just sayin...] and ginger peach black tea. Uh hi, my name is Raewyn and I love ginger and I love peach and tea is my favorite thing. My lock screen on my phone actually says "A cup of tea makes everything better."

Lastly! So I can have some more pink in my life [Why won't boys let us girls have a pink room in the house??] a "R" decal. I'm plotting the perfect placement of it...

Thank you so super much Bri! I appreciate it all, and especially our newfound friendship. Hang in there tomorrow for your dental procedure!


My Wedding Wednesday post is sort of minimal, but a big exciting announcement for myself.

I have mentioned before that Iman and I are paying for our wedding ourselves and sort of struggling with paying for it. But I have faith that everything will work out, especially with such a supportive group of family and friends. I know I keep saying how blessed we are that we have family and friends contributing but I wanted to just highlight how extra appreciative I am.

On Sunday at my brother's birthday dinner, my aunt told me that she'd like to pay for our florist -- to have big extravagant floral arrangement if that's what I wanted. I do prefer something on the small side but this now means that I will have someone setting up the flowers and centerpieces, making the boutineers and bouquets and can do more flowers than I originally thought. I just can't believe it, still.

My family has always been very supportive like this -as a child I spent weeks every summer at this aunt's house on vacation from my brother. Her daughter does the same at our house now. Apparently, her mother in law paid for all of the flower arrangements at her wedding back in the day and she wanted to pass on the favor.

Now I'm getting into flower planning mode! WOO!

One of my best friends, who is making our cupcakes, has also been talking to me a lot lately about the wedding. Currently, she is pregnant [officially announced last week, but I've known for awhile!!!] and due in January. I know my little niece or nephew - they find out next week - will be almost 3 months old at the time, but she will also have a 2 year old with her. I love my munchkin but she's never much help when mama and I bake. I didn't want her stressed out to the max so I asked her about it. Either she will be making them -- they're pretty plain and easy, if you can't tell extravagance is not my thing -- or an old classmate from her Chef school will be doing it at an affordable price.

It is so nice to see such things falling into place. Such a relief with all of the other stress in my life!!!

And one last Wedding Wednesday Ohio Love...I cannot wait to see many of these girls at the wedding!!

Freshman year dorms, Morrill Tower baby!

 photo name.jpg

p.s. Have you checked out our giveaway on My Show?

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  1. So glad you liked your box! And how crazy random that the flavored & brands were perfect. Yay! And totally awesome news about your flowers! So amazing of your aunt! :-) I'd usually have other quirky things to comment, but I'm just a huge ball of nerves this morning. I can't wait for the dang thing to be over with! Hope you have a great Thursday!

  2. I swear I am going to do your arrangement this weekend! You may not be crazy but I'll make up for it ;)

  3. So jealous you get so many awesome matches!!! I wish I could get that. No one ever emails when I get paired up. Sad face.


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