Saturday, August 3, 2013

You're Grounded, Young Lady!

No, really, I had to ground myself.

I'm sure you've seen my million and a half posts about trying to not be a hot mess and be organized and have a clean room. I'm also sure that my best friends are tired of me telling them I can't hang out because my room is a mess and I need to clean it, only I don't actually clean it and do something else instead.

This week, I went MIA from almost everything. Plus it was the last week of the month at work and that is the busiest for me, so my lunches were either spent at my desk or attempting to nap in my car.

My grounding began Monday night, but I couldn't actually begin until Tuesday because I had to help a best friend pack her house. I did start all of my laundry that needed to be done! Tuesday after dinner I got into it. Luckily, Iman went to help our friends move a refrigerator we were giving them. I got to listen to my cleaning music. Then my brother came into my room to help me build a set of shelves so I had someone to talk to about random things. [If it's just me and my music for long enough I get distracted and find someone to have a conversation with.]

After that night, all that was left was the dreaded clothes. I swear, they have a mind of their own and convince me to make my room messier by not putting them away. Without fail if there is a piece of clothing on the floor, my room will explode within the next day or two.

Not this time!!! Wednesday I worked and Thursday we had dinner with some friends [I know, I've always been bad at being grounded]. But last night, I finished it up! Thanks to my BlogBFF Megalin for the phone call, and then my MOH called to gush about life, too. By the time Iman got home from work, I was vacuuming and OH MY LANTA it is clean.

Iman's so proud of me in the bottom picture. It was all of my stuff that I hadn't put away from the Great Room Swap 2013. So it's not like I was cleaning his stuff. He is strategically hiding his one mess in our room - the top shelf of the book case behind us.

Back to regularly scheduled blogging next week! Oh, and since it's Saturday, I'm going to link up for Instagram Recap!

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  1. I can't do shit while on the phone cause then I won't give my full attention to either task lol but good job!


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